Bosch CX software update and chip mods- USA bikes?

Discussion in 'Haibike Forum' started by Marc Webster, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Marc Webster

    Marc Webster New Member

    Hello All,

    I just bought a lightly used 2017 Xduro All Mountain 7 but it does not have the EMTB software mod yet. What is the procedure to get the mod done? LBS only or can I do it myself?

    Also been looking at chips to get more speed but for now going to leave it as is and ride it a bit to see if I even want it. However should I decide it seems all the chips mods are from Europe. Is there anyone making one here or if you bought one from europe which did you choose seems like lots of choices.

    I am in the los angeles area.

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  3. hurricane56

    hurricane56 Member

    Look at BikeSpeedRS. My friend and I are both chipped with it and are happy. We have a combined mileage of over 2k miles and counting with no issues.

    The speedo reading is accurate in MPH and the tune is virtually seamless with the motor. We are both high mileage commuters with our Bosch bikes and wouldn’t put something unreliable on out rigs.
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  4. Ravi Kempaiah

    Ravi Kempaiah Well-Known Member

    I do have a spare BikeSpeed RS that I never got to use. Of all the speed mods out there, BikeSpeed RS has been a good one.
    Let me know if you need it, I will be happy to ship one at my cost.
  5. Marc Webster

    Marc Webster New Member

    Hello Ravi,

    I might be interested. I will probably do a bit of riding before without it to see if I need it. I built a commuter bike with a low powered hub motor and a commute is more where I need speed and the commuter is in the 30mph range and its perfect.

    with this module, if I ride in EMTB mode will it just keep providing power up to max? Ie when I am cimbing or on technical singletruck uphill will it just continue to accelerate? I want too keep the possibility of too fast not happening on single track up. Dont mind it on fireroads or long open area climbs though. Just a bit curious how the thing feels when in use. Also what are you wanting for it shipped to Glendale CA 91201?

    Also can anyone answer my other question regarding the software update? Also how do I know when new updates are available after this one?

    Take care,

  6. Leandro

    Leandro Member

    It's a good idea to update your firmware at least 1 or twice a year. Any local Bosch certified dealer can assist you in performing the update. You can not get the diagnostic tool as a non-dealer.
  7. hurricane56

    hurricane56 Member

    The bikespeed rs unit is much more of a top speed unlock. It’ll make the motor ignore the 28mph cut-off. Your pedal assist will not start to taper off around 27mph.

    I can’t be fully certain but it I don’t think the bikespeed rs unit is doing anything to make acceleration faster or modifying the power output of the motor. The only time I’m really able to get past 28mph is with a gentle tail wind , going down hill, or spinning faster than 85-90 rpm.
  8. Ronald Shepard

    Ronald Shepard New Member

    Thanks for this report. Did you have the chip professionally installed? My provider here offers the service/chip for $250. Sound fair?
  9. Marc Webster

    Marc Webster New Member

    The install video looks easy if you have a few special bike tools. $250 seems a bit high to me but if you dont have the tools than its sometimes easier ot just pay to get it done too.
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  10. Ronald Shepard

    Ronald Shepard New Member

    Thanks, yes , just watched the vid and looks very easy & straightforward. I just sent Bikespeed an inquiry about my new 2018 Trekking 9.5 that isn’t listed .
  11. hurricane56

    hurricane56 Member

    My friend and I both did DIY. The big variable in the install is the design of your motor cover and how it integrates into the frame. My friend with the Bulls bike didn't have to pull his cranks, his motor is tipped upward and motor trim cover does not surround the crank area. It was just fitting the cables and using sticky tape to mount the chip.

    My Haibike Trekking S required removing the left crank but not the right. It had enough space to squeeze the chip and wires on top of the motor just by releasing the motor mount. Some bikes might require both cranks removed which will require a Bosch Gen2 spider tool to remove the chain ring.

    Another note about the plug receptacles that come with the BikeSpeedRS. They are molded fairly well, but we had to take a dremel to one of the plugs to shave off a fraction of a mm to make it fit. Not a huge deal if you're handy.
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  12. Ronald Shepard

    Ronald Shepard New Member

    Child’s play. So, you must have ridden around quite a bit before (stock setup) making this decision, yes? After the mod did you benefit quite significantly from it? I’m starting to wonder if after 28 mph, unless going uphill, is it really necessary, or is that speed easily reached often. I’m sure I will know once I my bike arrives (still on shipment to Honolulu) and I start to test this out for myself but curious to know what your thoughts before and after have been.
  13. hurricane56

    hurricane56 Member

    Yes, I rode my bike in its stock configuration for about 8 months (2500 miles) before deciding on BikeSpeedRS. The stock riding experience is very smooth and organic with the Bosch Performance Speed. The characteristic that I didn't like was feeling the motor start to taper off the assist power around 26.7-27.5 mph. By 27.5 mph there is no assist. This is probably ok for people that do all urban riding or don't get close to the 28mph limiter. The reason it makes sense for me is my commute route. Over half of my route is a two lane road through a nature reserve that has light vehicle traffic. I can usually sustain 28-30 mph on most days as long as there isn't a crazy headwind.

    To get the bike over 28mph you have to have either a light tail wind with regular cadence 75-85 rpm (moderate effort), going down hill (i've topped out a 45mph, non-aero position with two fully loaded panniers), or drafting a vehicle. If you don't have those conditions, you can still get over the 28mph limit if you're willing to thrown down a high cadence 85-100 rpm with a high amount of pedal force. Having the BikeSpeed installed comes in handy most when trying to make a green light, or sections of road way that do not have a bike lane. I know with the chip, I have the option available to me to either speed up for a short burst or even get up to 30-32mph for a few minutes if I have to. The only downsides currently are the increased power consumption and the max speed readout on the Intuvia display. Max speed readout is not accurate, but all other readings are spot on.

    I think to answer your questions about if you really need it, you'll have to determine what kind of riding you do and if you need to get over 27.5mph. The chip does help out, but to get to those speeds you do have to work for it.
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  14. Ronald Shepard

    Ronald Shepard New Member

    Wonderful! This explains things for me quite thoroughly, thank you so much. I think I’ll ride it stock for awhile and take it from there.