Bosch Intuvia Instructions Manual Video Overview


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Hi guys! I decided to shoot an instructions video that explains how to use the Bosch Intuvia display panel system. I've also linked to the official written instructions below in case you prefer to read and get the full story on all of the little details, it's a large file and some of them are in German.

You can get other Bosch manuals and stuff on their website here and here including the one I've attached. The most interesting things I've found with their display is the Range estimator and the unique mounting bracket used for the Haibike Race which puts the button pad in the center of the bars on the stem cap instead of on the left bar near the grip. This display can also have a walk mode, control lights (if the bike has them) and includes a micro USB port on the right side of the button pad for updating firmware and charging small electronics devices.

bosch-intuvia-ebike-computer-display-panel.jpg bosch-2nd-gen-centerdrive-cycle-computer.jpg


I have the Felt NINEe with the Intuvia display. I swear I've seen an up arrow indicator flash briefly to the left of the battery bars but I can't find any mention of it in the Bosch manual I got with the bike. Anyone have any idea what that's indicating?


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that's a pretty cool function. I usually don't shift gears much on my ebike. it would be interesting to see what the 'computer' thinks about that. :)