Bosch system startup issue

Lately having an issue with Bosch system.
I start up Intuvia, and it turns on but it is not fully activated, meaning I cannot make the assist level go up.
It does not display the speedometer, although it displays the clock.
When it gets to that state, I cannot activate the system fully until I recharge the battery again.

This happens occasionally, like when I stop somewhere, maybe come back in 15 minutes, then turn it on again. The battery level is about half at that point.

Then, when I go home and fully charge the battery, and I can activate the system again. This has occurred for like three times in the past 2 months or so. The mileage on it is about 7600 miles. Not sure if this is a battery problem or something else...

If anybody is familiar with this situation, let me know.
I had this happen. It was dirt on the contacts in the button pad that controls the level of boost. There are two small screws on the bottom that you can unscrew, the thing pops open, and clean those little contacts. You can also just try to shoot some compressed air in the sides of that pad from a tire inflating canister. Only happened once so far in 2500 miles, but that was once too often.

This on my Trek xm700
The issue of not being able to toggle through assists levels typically arises when the display is not properly seated onto the display mount or when the contacts are dirty/corroded/wet. Cleaning and wiping down the contact points before properly seating the display in place will typically resolve the issue.

I have also seen the case where a battery is not functioning properly and will cause the assist levels not to initiate. In this case the battery will likely need to be warranted.
Thanks Leandro. I had response from your place (may have been you), but holding the battery button for 10 seconds or so to reset the battery and restart works every time. I do it often though. This may need inspection as you said. But mine had been bought longer than 2 years ago.
My Pleasure!

A hard reset can work wonders for smaller issues and should always be one of the first steps taken prior to warranting a battery. I am glad that the reset has helped get you and your bike back out onto the road. I suggest doing a hard reset every now and again, though you certainly should not need to do this every time that you ride the bike. If you get the chance, I highly recommend plugging the bike into the Bosch diagnostic and getting a report as well as an update. Happy riding!
I am not familiar with Bosch diagnostics. Quick google search didn't get me to things that looked immediately relevant to ebikes / Bosch battery. Any more info on that?
The Bosch diagnostic tool is only available to dealers and Bosch service centers. You will need to find a local bike shop that has the tool in order to get a diagnostic report.
We have five bosch certified techs and all the diagnostic tools and software. It is always a good idea to have your bosch system serviced occasionally. The firmware is being updated all the time. The diagnostic reports are very useful for seeing error logs, cycles and other useful information. The diagnosis and update is quick and easy and can many times be done as you wait depending on service backlogs.

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