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Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by sephknite, Aug 28, 2017.

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    They only talk about a guarantee, and nothing about a warranty. Be sure to check that out!
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    I asked them some questions, and they mentioned that the have a 1-year warranty on battery and motor.

    I also wasn't able to see the top speed--they replied saying it's between 24-30mph.

    I'm still debating between the RADMini, Magnum Premium 48, or this BPM F15X.
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    This company may move a lot of their products via their website. Who knows? But I have also seen quite a number of their listings on Ebay over a considerable number of months. The feedback that buyers of their ebikes have deposited in the seller's profile seems mostly positive, with most issues appearing to these eyes to be shipping damage. So at least the bikes appear to make a favorable first impression on Ebay buyers who take the plunge. But it must be factored in that such feedback must be placed within a very short window after the items are delivered. So long term reliability assessments must be found elsewhere. I cannot find much in that regard from web searches I attempted. They seem to use Samsung batteries and Bafang hub motors in most of their ebikes. Those are critical components and both are widely used in a number of other ebike brands, so that allows for some comfort in knowing what can generally be expected in those two crucial areas of an ebike.

    These bikes do seem to be value priced, so I am hoping some owners who have owned one of their bikes for six months or longer will post to this thread.
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    Agreed. Thanks for the input and the research you did. I've been debating to go with this one or the RAD Mini, but like you said, I'd like to see some long-term reviews. I also don't see this ebike being reviewed on EBR, so that's also making me hesitate. Also with the upcoming improved Yamaha and Bosch mid-drive motors, I'm wondering if I should wait.
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    FWIW, I sent an inquiry to them via Ebay asking if they had ever looked into the possibility of getting one or more of their models reviewed by EBR. I got a very quick reply: No thanks, we good.
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    That seems a bit odd. If I want to promote my product lines and have more exposure, I'd want EBR and its audience/potential buyers to see it. Now I'm leaning towards RAD a bit more...
  9. mid drive merv

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    Precisely!! My impression was the same as yours when I read those four words. A few points for their quick reply, but not the type of reply a potential customer wants to hear. Like you wrote, if they believe in their products, why would not they welcome the critical assessment of a widely respected site like EBR?
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    I purchased a 20" 750w folding fat bike from B.P.M. imports through eBay in June and have used it to commute about 15 miles a day (plus adventure riding), every day since purchased for a total of about 1800-2000 miles on it. I had seen the Rad Beach Cruiser and decided I wanted one like it but wanted more power, range etc. Those of you are correct in assuming that feedback reviews were sent very quickly. B.P.M. imports these bikes from China just like many other companies and puts their brand on them (I looked up their import records) just like many other companies out there. I had to haggle with the shipping and it was very late getting delivered. I asked the same questions after realizing I might need repair parts. I've had only very minor issues such as a motor inhibitor switch, break pads and a cable to deal with. When I initially asked about warranty they told me "one year". Seems like they offer implied warranty but nothing written or discriptive. When I initially inquired about issues they told me to bring it to a bike shop and they would pay for adjustments, repairs. Well there is not a bike shop within 30 miles of me. "I am the bike shop". Overall it's a very decent bike and very similar to the Rad. Only thing is I want to tell them to up their customer service game.