brake pads on Tern Vektron folding disappeared


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I Have a Vektron s10 folding and have ridden it about five times since my purchase in June 2018. I took it out of the garage yesterday after around 2 months non-use due to travel overseas. Very squeaky when applying the back brake, and very little stopping effect. Rode straight to the bike shop where we discovered there were no brake pads on the back wheel. I'm assuming there were originally as this is a new issue, but wondered if anyone other owners had brake pads which fell off easily.

I've never folded the bike since purchase and haven't gone over rough terrain at all. It's all very weird. Assuming a loose assembly originally. Any ideas?

Many thanks for any thoughts.


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We're about to hit 500 miles on ours (mostly my wife's riding) and no issues. Brakes are working well and no squealing.


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This was a long time ago.... but let me suggest that maybe someone stole the pads. If you look at the design, there is a locking pin at the top of the brake that if installed properly would quite effectively prevent the pads from jumping out of their slots. Hopefully, you didn't damage the disc too badly.