Brian's CCX Journal

TLDR - Had some issues with the battery connector. It's working now after working with the support team. Thinking it may go bad due to stripped threads on the male side. Enjoying the bike now!

- 11/22/2018: Ordered the CCX on Black Friday.
- 11/27/2018: Shipped from Juiced Bikes.
- 11/30/2018: Ordered delivered.
- 12/01/2018: Assembled the bike. Wouldn't come on. Figured out light taps turn on and off the battery. Filed support ticket with video:
- 12/04/2018 - 12/12/2018: Juiced Support suggested to tighten the male connector. This seemed to fix the issue. Still I asked to return it after reading similar posts on this forum after I concluded the design is flawed. Juiced kindly gave me return label albeit 20% stocking fee. Decided to keep the bike... Couldn't persuade Juiced to send me a battery interface or male connector. Got new support person who asked me to go through pre-trip maintenance to fix the issue... so I decided to stop replying. It's OK. I was pretty annoying to them... Juiced Support responded each business day.
- 12/16/2018: Happily riding the bike to and from work. After 30 miles, 49V left. Will look into strapping in the battery like others.


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That's to bad. That kind of issue is just going to get worse over time and not better. A bad battery connection is going to cause issues until you fix the problem. If Juice can't help then I would look into replacing the male plug myself. Please post for others if you find a solution.


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It's a new bike! Juice should replace the bike at no cost to Brian if they can't make it right with parts. The battery connection issue has gone on far to long. This is the only problem with Juiced, they usually come through in the end but why make customers wait especially when they know that's an issue.


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was there a stocking fee stated somewhere when you purchased the bike? I have a CCS and have had some issues but for the most part no battery issues and I like my bike.

but for a brand new model, to have a big flaw on a custom made battery then need to own up to it.

they put you in a hard place because its hard to get a better bike for the money on paper, but for all the problems, trouble shooting and user "fixes" you could get another but that is $500 more and have no problems. How much is your time with

Still 2499 isn't something to sneeze at. It should just work.

just my .02
@Andy_in_CA I read this policy, before I bought the bike that mentions the restocking fee:

@treal512 I'm going to get the velcro straps that @jinim got:

For my own reference, I'm posting this link to @jom 's great thread:

FWIW I have some experience with Onshape CAD and have a 3D printer. Maybe we can develop a part to fix the issue? I guess that will start when things start to break down...
No problems to report. Mileage is around ~50 miles. Still waiting for my straps. Battery connectors look OK. Lubed the battery connectors up. Wrapped connectors, display, and battery with Saran wrap and taped it all together. Raining!



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I have the following suggestions, to make the battery connection more reliable. Knowing that the connection is intermittent is telling us that the mechanical engagement of the connectors is marginal. In your video you show the lower pin is a little shorter; the same in my bike:

1. First, keep the bike. All bikes have some problem, and this is a minor one you can solve until a more permanent solution is found.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Remove the frame lock assembly by removing the first allen screw shown in your pic "male-connector.jpg"; then remove the philips screw that barely can be seen in the same pic, on the upper left, and detach the piece of plastic used only for cosmetic purpose. Under it, remove the second allen screw.
4. Remove the plastic piece that holds the male connector and the lock mechanism. Detach the cable assembly from the controller, detaching the yellow connector.
5. Remove the 2-pin black connector by unscrewing the silver large nut. You will notice two o-rings: one smaller in the front -on the side of the silver nut- and one larger in the back side.
6. Remove the larger o-ring that is installed between the connector and the plastic piece. This step will move the connector farther out of the plastic piece so that the pins will insert a little better in the battery connector. In my bike this made the difference between an intermittent connection and a solid connection. Keep in place the smaller o-ring on the front of the connector.
7. Assembly following the reverse order. Tighten the connector with the silver nut being careful to lock it in the right position: there is a tab on the back side that controls the exact rotational position. Reconnect the yellow connector. Be careful not to pinch the wires when you re-assemble. Be very careful when installing the two allen screws because they are engaging in threaded holes in the aluminum frame. Don't over-tighten or you may damage the threads.
8. Once the battery is re-attached, properly locked in place, power on the bike. Using your right hand tap the battery on the right to see if power is preserved. This is a test that my bike did not pass before I removed the o-ring, and it passed OK after the o-ring was removed. Same test you did in your video. After removing the o-ring, I did about 150 miles, some of them on moderately rough dirt road, without any more power glitches.
9. Use one or two straps as tightly as you can. Re-tighten from time to time. I ordered from Amazon (24 x 2 Inch Cinch Straps - 5 pack, Secure Cable Ties.)
10. Using the bike in wet conditions require that the battery be protected. This is not a well designed assembly.

Removing the o-ring could possibly make the entry of water a possibility, but in reality the whole battery needs to be protected as you did with some plastic wrap if exposed to rain, so the role of the o-ring is not that relevant.

It is important not to use the bike if you have power glitches, because with the large currents the degradation of the copper sleeves in the battery female connector happens very quickly.
Hope this helps.
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