BULLS E-bikes for 2018 - Massive 100+ lineup

Ravi Kempaiah

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Ever since I researched the history of BULLS in 2016, I have been bugging them to bring in more models to the US market. This is their 2nd year and have substantially increased their offerings for MY 2018.

They don't attend EUROBIKE just like Trek, Giant or Specialized. They have their own in-house show for people to attend. They seem to be the only manufacturer who works with all major motor suppliers i.e., Bosch, Brose, Shimano, and SR Suntour. Their offerings for 2018 is just massive. Only some relevant models will be making its way to the US market but it is amazing to see all these great designs and varieties. They have just about every kind of bike one can think of. Makes you wonder how advanced the market is in EU!

Enjoy these eye candies!

Aminga-Eva3-Aminga-Eva-TR2-y-TR3-2F-y-3F.jpg Aminga-Eva-15-1F-Aminga-Eva-2-y-Aminga-Eva-TR1-3F.jpg Black-Adder-E-Black-Adder-Team-E-2F-Team-E-SL-3F.jpg Bulls-2018-Bosch-CrossMover.jpg BullsBikes-2018-avance-temporada.jpg BullsBikes-2018-Exhibicion.jpg BullsBikes-2018-Motor-Bosch.jpg BullsBikes-2018-show.jpg Bulls-Bosch-integracion-y-semi-inetgracion-2018.jpg Bulls-CrossMover-2018.jpg Bulls-Cross-Street-E1-CX-2018.jpg Bulls-motor-Bosch-2018-Six50-EVO-15.jpg Bulls-SIX50-EVO-AM-3-Aminga-EVA-TR1-Tercera-fila-3F.jpg Bulls-Six50-TR2-en-ambos-colores-y-Aminga-EVA-TR3-Tercera-fila-3F.jpg Componentes-Six50-Evo-AM2.jpg Cross-Rider-Evo.jpg Cross-Street-E1-CX.jpg Cross-Street-E1-CX-barra-baja-y-cuadro-abierto.jpg Detalle-parte-inferior-bateria-integrada-Bosch.jpg Exposicion-Bulls-2018.jpg
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