Bulls E-Stream EVO FS Enduro 27.5 Video Review

Discussion in 'BULLS Forum' started by Ann M., Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    Super down hill and mountain bike with a quiet Brose mid drive system with internal belts. An incredible 90 Nm of torque from this Brose motor! Not easy to remove the frame mounted battery for off the bike charging; however, the caliber of components on this bike overall are much better quality.

    https://electricbikereview.com/bulls/... The BULLS E-Stream EVO FS Enduro 27.5 is an enduro style full suspension electric mountain bike with longer 160 mm suspension travel, seat post dropper, 27.5" wheelset and premium hydraulic brakes. Downtube-integrated battery pack is out of sight and keeps weight low and centered across the frame but is not easily removable, it takes 30+ minutes to unscrew the frame, this means the bike stays heavier and the pack might get hot/cold vs. storing it separately. The mid-drive motor is made by Brose, it offers "trail tune" performance with higher 90 Nm torque output and is very compact and quiet, you start to hear it at higher RPM but otherwise it looks and sounds great. Available in two frame sizes (both offer the same high-step build and black with white and blue accent color scheme), I like the small transflective LCD control pad, it's easy to reach, simple to use and highly visible.
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  3. looker

    looker New Member

    This bike looks so good and with standout components .However, I come across some other forum members discuss about problem with brose motor and controller?
    Nevertheless ,I cannot find out detail of the out come ,either they sold the bike.
    I would like anyone with some more long term input comment about their bike .
    I am planning to acquire one very soon.
    Thank you.
  4. looker

    looker New Member

    Hello members,
    I finally take delivery of this beautifully integrated Bulls enduro.
    one thing I want to add into Court's detailed review is the Boost rear wheel.
    Not the front wheel. ITs good that you can use wider tires ,not so if you want to upgrade to a light wheel ,which can cost for this mismatch (Boost).
    Form my view point ,very much like Court.
    1.very quiet as I took it to the trail up and down right next to other cyclist ,none has take any notice ,unlike the Haibike FS xduro I had for a year ,and still running trail very well ,however , every other cyclist (front and back)noticed that was an electric bike because they can hear the hi winding motor sound),even if I peddle with the matching gear.
    As for the bulls there is a sweat ,quiet gear that match the right Cad.then you will not hear any noise at all!(you only feel it ,smooth power)
    2.Though only 3 level assist is a good thing , as I find out through out the entire trial ride ,I set it 2nd level and I can ride the course climb up and down ..just simply shifting/ changing gear without worry changing power level(still makes through some very steep slope. This is not true to Haibike with Borsch motor which I have to change power level more time to adjust to right Cad.or it makes too much noise, or not enough assist. I think that is where the 90N come from yet the power assist- delivery very smoothly.
    3.Non removable battery could have 2 good things.
    I have so many time driven to the trailhead, then realized I had forgotten my battery! That cuts my riding short.
    One less thing to setup and worry that may be damaged or knock off when you crash.(and I did so many times, even broken off the brake lever and peddles!)
    4. The spec that come with the bike are so good .Just understated ,eg.
    The e13 chainguide is very special, because you can remove your chain if it's jammed .
    Finally I have to say Bulls do know very well and test ride this bike because of the spec they have chosen so purposely (that turn into weight punishment at 49.5Lb )
    Fortunately , I am able to upgrade & down grade them to 46Lb & once I get hold of a rear boost crossmax elite wheel it will be even less.
    one last comment on Brose motor vs Yamaha and Bosch is refinement .
    Brose win ,however Bosch motor is very reliable at this point (1 year of rough trail use ).
    also notice on a tec-jump ,once airborn for a few sec of freewheel ,it seems fool the bike sensor ,the motor will power up and down (assist)slightly ,If I am descripting correctly? However ,returns to normal a few sec after.Just need to hold on your Siant brake.

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  5. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    @looker, thanks for the detailed feedback on your Bulls Enduro! It helps everyone to hear from someone who's putting in the miles. Please add a pic or two and tell us a little about where you ride; it helps fill in the picture of your ride :).
  6. Texas Jim

    Texas Jim New Member

    Thanks for the added information Looker. Pictures would be great.
    I rode the Specialized Levo with the Brose motor. It was a good bike and had good power / low noise.
    The only thing I didn't like was there was not way to change the assist easily when your riding. I heard they have an app you can get on your phone
    that you can use somehow.
    I'm real interested in the new Bulls bikes and also the new Yamaha motor.
    I guess we will just have to wait.
    Thanks again.

    Adam@BULLSeBIKES New Member

    @looker thanks for the feedback! @Texas Jim the levo is a beautiful bike. The main differences are that 1. the BULLS Enduro (and all BULLS eBIKES whether Brose, Bosch or Suntour) has a compact handle bar control for assist level and 2.the costs is far less on BULLS. Compare E-STREAM FS ENDURO msrp= $5399 v. Specialized Levo at $7500. Similar components such as Rock Shox Pike in the front and you even get 160mm travel with E-STREAM FS ENDURO.
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  8. Chris Nolte

    Chris Nolte Well-Known Member

    We're very excited about the new Bulls bikes! They have been quite popular around the shop. They are really charging forward quickly in the States if you will ;)
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  9. Mark Peralta

    Mark Peralta Active Member

    It appears that the "scratchy noise" that you hear at 8:27 on the video is the sound of the freewheel of the electric motor when the pedal crank turns faster than the motor. It would be nice if you can check it with a cadence meter to take note how far does the motor provide support before you are all on your own.
  10. Alphbetadog

    Alphbetadog Active Member

    I have the exact same bike as in the video, and mine doesn't make any scratchy noise at anytime. I'ts virtually silent, as apposed to my Bosch powered Haibike which makes a definite whirring noise.
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  11. Mark Peralta

    Mark Peralta Active Member

    I think the scratchy noise only happens when your cadence is really fast , like 100 plus RPM. Try the granny sprocket on level ground. If you don't have a cadence meter try to imagine the music "Another One Bites the Dust" and pedal with that beat.
  12. Alphbetadog

    Alphbetadog Active Member

    Nope, I normally peddle at a high cadence and have tried to get it to make that noise. Maybe I have a defective one?
  13. Mark Peralta

    Mark Peralta Active Member

    It looks like it becomes louder at 110 RPM or more, It is also mentioned in another site;
    "To start, I’d like to give you some background on the motor itself. As I mentioned before, this motor is extremely quiet. You really can only hear it when it is topping out at its highest RPMs."
  14. Mark Peralta

    Mark Peralta Active Member

    Bulls with Brose motor climbing up a very steep hill using mostly the lowest 3 gears.
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