Bulls Evo AM 4

Hey first post here and just ordered my first ebike.
Wondering if anybody stateside has taken delivery of their 2019 Estream Evos yet.
Did some reading after ordering mine and it looks like quite a few customers had to wait for months last year for their 2018s.
Also looking for feedback on customer service with Bulls.
I live in the middle of nowhere in northern Montana. I'm hoping as the Bulls has the same S mag motor as the new Specialized I may be able to get service or warranty work done at our Specialized dealer?

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Bulls is notoriously slow at getting bikes out of the factory, so wait times can vary greatly. Another thing theyre notorious for is putting the bikes together sloppily in their rush to get them out with a small staff. You will need to rely on your dealer to basically test and reassemble the bike. Out of the box from Bulls it will most likely not be true and perfect....that's according to my local SoCal dealers.

I wanted to buy online, so Bulls wasnt an option for me. There is no labor included in their warranty and parts are difficult to get. Although they're a dealer co-op based company, if you buy online and try bringing a bulls into a local dealer, I have been told by some local Bulls owners that at least here in SoCal, dealers will be very uncooperative with warranty work if they didn't sell you the bike themselves.

I ordered a 2018 E-stream Evo. Since the 2019s were coming in, my online retailer was willing to discount by $800 off the sticker price of the 18'. Unforch, 3 weeks in, I didn't have a firm ship date from Bulls yet. I started learning about the finer points of the warranty which favors buying from a really good local shop. Since the price of buying local was WAY higher and I havent been pleased with any of the 3 bulls dealers near me in SoCal, I decided to cancel.

On the bright side for you, it does look like the 2019s are coming with the awesome Brose S Mag and 750w battery. What an awesome bike. If you've got the money to spend on it and a good local shop to do any warranty work or repairs, I think you'll be in for tons of smiles and probably will never regret that purchase!
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Thanks for your reply!
I ordered mine from SanDiego Flyrides or something like that with free shipping.
Apparently they get the bike, build it, disassemble for shipping to me and then I unbox and reassemble or take it to a bike shop.
I did a bit of research before ordering and decided I wanted a Brose motor and what sold me on the Bulls over the Specialized was the 750WH battery! My AM 4 came in at $5900 and you have to get a Levo expert(I think) at around $8299 to get a 700 WH battery. Seemed like a no brainer at the time so i maybe hastily pulled the trigger before considering things like service, warranty work and spare parts.
Also cant get any info on whatever Bulls version of Specialized "Mission Control" app is. I think Bulls calls it "Connected Bike" but from what I understand it's not available in north america?

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SD Flyrides is actually one of my local shops. They were a little high pressure so i left feeling they weren't worth the extra cost of buying local...but i do believe they are knowledgable and will do a good job assembling your bike.

If you go to the Bulls USA website during normal business hours, theyve got a chat feature that is always manned. They have been good at answering all my questions immediately and in real time.