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Discussion in 'BULLS Forum' started by pxpaulx, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    Super excited to get my new bulls evo fs3 this Friday from @Crazy Lenny Ebikes - this one was NOT on my short list when I called Sunday to take advantage of their one day sale!

    I hurt my back earlier this summer and have been off of riding since. Slowly improving and after a long wait in limbo from several doctors, I'll be starting physical therapy instead of surgery (thankfully), which my first doctor thought was all but inevitable.

    That aside, I had intended to wait until spring to purchase a second haibike Sduro (to have the same battery), as I really like the Yamaha and wanted a second battery for range.

    I called, but they had no full suspension bikes in stock with the Yamaha motor. After mentioning one of my factors was a second battery for increased range, they suggested a bulls bike would be a good fit with the 650wh battery. Remembering the good things @Ravi Kempaiah had mentioned about the bulls bikes, I bit the bullet...again!

    Love the battery in frame design for loving the bike up. I feel like a lot of bikes with their battery removed would invite tampering and damage. With the battery sliding under the frame, nobody would even notice it there or give, which is cool! This will also be my first full suspension bike, which will hopefully lessen the bumps on my back on long rides.

    Anyway, counting down till Friday!
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  3. grench

    grench Well-Known Member

    I bought another Bulls as well...the deals were toooooo good! I love my Bulls Outlaw so I hope I will love the Bulls Fat. I have not been a fan of the Bosch mid drive but this one has the CX version. Hopefully is it not as underpowered as the performance line.
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  4. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    There are so many interesting bikes hitting the US from Europe - we are lucky to have years of innovation already being built upon even though the US market it just emerging. Really excited to get the Bulls bike, and now that I've been ok'd for physically therapy as long as there isn't snow on the ground I'm going to get riding this late fall too.
  5. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    Maybe joining the Bulls parade too. Spoke with a usa rep. about an mtb . We'll see what happens . Need dealers in Texas .
  6. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    They have quite a limited presence in the US, I'm sure it will grow though. Interestingly, they sell their regular bikes in the US direct to consumer only, so no dealer presence at all.
  7. grench

    grench Well-Known Member

    Component wise they are top shelf...compared to others. Examples include the size of rotors on the Outlaw and the front forks on several models.
  8. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    For those in Cali. Motostrano is having Demo event 10/29 Bulls bringing 15 models sweet !
  9. Rincon

    Rincon Active Member

    Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica, CA is also having a Bulls sponsored event at their Playa Vista store on November 5th. You can ride a 2017 Bulls from their Playa Vista shop to their Venice store and back.
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  10. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    Got the bike up and running, what a ride! I love the integrated battery, even more than my recently sold Easy Motion Evo Snow. The fact that it drops out of the frame gives no evidence something is 'missing' from the bike when it is removed. The super simple control is nice, and I like to use an app to track my rides anyway so I get all the features I need there. Power output is extremely smooth and the brose motor is silent. I thought my Haibike Sduro was as quiet as it could get, but I can't even hear the Brose.

    Somewhat related, I started physical therapy for a lower back injury today (which went well) - I only had the energy for a short ride once I got the bike all setup, hoping for a few more warm days like today to get out before the real cold comes (ok, it was unseasonably warm today in Minnesota, 70!).

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  11. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    @Court nice to see a review posted of my new bike just the other day! I noticed your comment about the lack of a chain slap guard. I read about the derailleur on this bike, and that unlike most, it keeps a deliberate tension on the chain to keep it taught. I've noticed I don't hear any chain bounce, so probably no need for a guard.

    I think that might be why you are grinding the gears though, I found it harder to keep from an occasional grind vs my haibike sduro, which is very easy too avoid grinding. Might just be that it is new to me though, every system varies on the learning curve!
  12. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    I can't believe how nice the weather continues to be here in Minnesota! I started physical therapy 2 weeks ago for a back injury, and they said if I'm comfortable, to try riding as part of my strengthening and exercise.

    This was my second ride on my new bulls bike and it continues to impress! The large battery was great, and it was also a fairly windy day here. I rode 11.8 miles, with an elevation change of just under +/- 600 ft. I only dropped one bar on the battery meter using the middle and high assist levels (keep in mind I'm a big guy, over 300). All in all I really like the brose motor, and find it similar to my sduro in power and riding responsiveness. The full suspension is a nice addition though!
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  13. Adam@BULLSeBIKES

    Adam@BULLSeBIKES New Member

    So glad to hear! Let us know how it's been going!
  14. bob armani

    bob armani Active Member

    Hi pxpaulx-That is a nice picture of your two ebikes side by side. Now that you have had a chance to test both bikes, which of the two do you ride most often. The very interesting point here is I too have had some PT on my back and I was considering the Sduro All MTN SL or the BULLs ebike you have. Just curious to know which bike you find to be the most responsive in low/high rpm? I hope to be testing the BULLS very soon to make my final decision. Congrats on your purchases!
  15. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    Actually I sold the haibike. The Yamaha motor is very nice, but a little more raw in its power delivery than the brose. They both ride very much like a regular bike with power, and feel like they work with you rather than like they are taking over control. The haibike was a hard tail and the fs bulls is just so much nicer.

    I'm actually going to Madison this weekend to buy a new bike. Keeping my mind open for a more commuter oriented bike, possibly a speed pedelec. The bulls is not going anywhere though!

    I'll either end up with a speed pedelec (bulls six 50 f2f street is high on the list).or the new easy motion 27.5 pro plus with the 600wh battery. High likelihood I'll get the easy motion because I know they assist a couple miles per hour over twenty, that is all I'm really looking for.
  16. bob armani

    bob armani Active Member

    Wow, you are ebike crazy. Wish I could keep up. Also ,wish I knew you were selling your Haibike too! I get it, looks like your Brose' motor is more of a 'controlled' output compared to the Yamaha. Going to Madison is a great choice at the new digs, the showroom looks awesome. Say hello to the guys for me. HaHa.
    I personally would stay with the BULLS. I read some negative reviews about the hub motor system on the BH bikes IMHO. I like the Pro's design though. You can even have an additional BH throttle package installed (upgrade) if you wanted to. I think BH has stopped offering throttle power on most of their models as standard equipment.
    I think Connor in Madison has a Haibike speed pedelec that he rides to work. So many to choose in Madison. Have a safe trip!
  17. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I've actually owned a BH bike twice before (a neo xtrem was my first ebike, and last year I had an evo snow...until I tried my wife's haibike, hahaha). Now that I have the bulls, I'm leaning towards the easy motion for the motor (upgraded from the 350w motors I've had before), and their now adequately sized 600wh battery. I think the hub is better suited for the commute...but I've never ridden a speed pedelec...I'm afraid I'll like it :)
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