BULLS six50 e2 street, lacuba e45 and alternative..

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  1. jonase

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    Hi all, I am trying to narrow down the choices for a solid commuter and would greatly appreciate any input.

    We had the opportunity to test ride BULLS six50 e2 street and lacuba e45 side by side, and they are both fantastic rides. From a brief test ride in a suburb they seem more or less equivalent, and spec-wise they are also similar. Do any of you have a word to put in for either?

    These two bikes feel premium, and go for around $4k. My next question is if anyone had the opportunity to test ride any bike with similar characteristics (28mph, suspension) in a slightly lower segment, say $2.5-$3k, and have an opinion on the marginal value of the last $1000 invested?

    For the record my commute is ~10mi one way, a few hundred feet up and down, paved but not super smooth. I do it on road bike, but want to save some time, my knees, and not be sweaty every day. I am willing to invest in a good commute, but I am really curious about what those last $1000 buys.


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  3. Ravi Kempaiah

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    Lacuba E45 has a much bigger battery (650 vs 500 on the E2 street).
    I would recommend the E2 street. You could make it ~50lbs if you change the front forks. You could run 12V Supernova M99 lights and you could carry an extra 400 or 500 powerpacks.
    You could also look at Trek Xm700+ https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/electric-bikes/xm700/xm700/p/1982140-2018/?colorCode=black
  4. jonase

    jonase New Member

    The Trek XM700+ is a really good tip, thanks! I may have to test ride one of those. It seems to me not too much changed in the model since Court's 2016 review?
  5. Luv2ride

    Luv2ride Member

    I have an XM 700 which I purchased in November 2016 and put 7400 miles on it. The front shock is only good for small bumps as it will bottom out on anything significant and the front fender rattles a bit (I took it off) but you can pretty easily ride 30 to 50 miles on one charge of a 400wh battery. I put a rack with a bag on it and I can carry an extra battery if I need to.
    If you want to splurge, go for the Trek Super Commuter which is a really awesome bike! I picked one up in July and have 4500 miles on it.