buying a used ebike

ian fisher

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Buying a used ebike seemed like a good alternative to paying full price for a new one. once i had figured out what kind of ebike would suit my requirements, and after watching a lot of EBR reviews I narrowed my search down to about 3 make-models.
After near 18 months of trawling online classifieds I found a year-old Smartmotion Pacer with 1200klm on the odometer and after a test ride and a bit of a haggle over the price I purchased for $1800.00 NZD, the Pacer retails new here in NZ for around $3700.00.
After four months of regular use with no issues, the bike is excellent across town and on the hills.
The 350watt rear hub motor and 14.5ah battery are more than adequate, the bike has a top speed of 40kph, and when used on the lowest power level combined with the torque sensor it has a range on the flat around town of 120klm at an average speed of 27kph.
In conclusion, buying a used ebike is definately a good alternative to paying full price for a new bike.



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Useful post seem to me good used ebikes would be more readly avialiable on the market now that they have been around a while. Some cyclist take great care of there bikes:). Like that you waited to post this till you had put some miles on it. That is one thing people over look about reviews lots of stuff works great or good at first. It would be great to see more long term reviews of bikes after a year of regular use. That is not to say that reviews of the newest bikes aren't handy!