Cable-Actuated Hydraulic Disc Brakes


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I have a RadWagon that came with mechanical disc brakes. With my additional front motor , 2 cargo bags attached, and second battery, bunch of tools, occasional 17 inch laptop, and 3 sets of clothes (for the gym, for work, for the ride back) the bike comes in at 135+ lbs.

I can adjust the rear brakes to stop but it takes effort (4 fingers) to stop the bike with just the rear brakes. With the front and rear it can stop pretty quickly.

I wanted to upgrade the rear to hydraulic brakes, but then I wouldn't know how to attach the motor cut off. The system isn't Bafang so I can't just buy the magnets. I came across this hybrid setup where use you can use the existing brake levers and cable, but uses oil in pressing the brakes.

Does anyone have experience with this unit?

Also, can this be used with a 180 mm disc? What type of adapter would I need?

Would this adapter work?

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The Hy/Rds work great and will as you assume let you keep your current cutout levers. The adapter will work also but you may already have the right one on the bike if you aren't changing rotor size.


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I just upgraded my rear brake cable with a Jagwire Pro compressionless cable and that really made a significant difference. Now the effort to squeeze the cable is much lighter. It almost feels as light as my hydraulics on my other bikes. Now my front disc brake, which I thought was fairly light, is heavier to squeeze than the rear brakes. I'm surprised what a difference a cable makes even with the stock brakes.


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Another +1 for the TRP cable actuated hydraulic brakes. I installed one on the front wheel of my radwagon and it is a great fit. I did not change any rotors or anything else about the brakes.