Can a D500 be made to go in reverse?


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I'm looking at fitting my D500 to a velomobile, and it would be great if I can find a way to make it go backwards to make reversing the velo easier.

Obviously breaking it open and reversing two phases would have the desired effect - but has anyone done this? is there any way of getting this effect through the software/firmware?

Ideally I want to have a thumb throttle that activates reverse, from stationary.





The master code list for the G2 console says code 1976= "Motor Direction- 1= Forward 0= Reverse". Out of curiosity I entered that code on my G2. "Dir" would appear on the screen but it would not change from the default forward direction 1 on my D-500. This suggests to me that reverse is possible but the manufacturer has made it not an option for the customer.

In normal operation the motor has to achieve a minimum forward speed under human power to activate even using throttle. Don't see how you could pedal in reverse to make that happen.
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Thanks - interesting.

Yes the 'from zero' speed and the direction seem a challenge. Obviously controlled in the software, shame you can't break into the CANBUS system..

The mechanical parts will do it - just need to figure out how to activate the motor controller with two of the three phases reversed to achieve the effect - i.e. bypass the software..... if only....