Can a two lever paddle shifter be subbed in on an R&M?


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I have a new R&M Extreme GX Rohloff HS 14 speed.

All my prior non-electric bikes have standard paddles on the right handlebar with shifting accomplished by the thumb and index finger.

I’n getting used to the R&M small rectangle w the up and down ends for shifting. But I still prefer the old style method for shifting.

Does anyone know if this is doable?


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I agree. The shifter switch pad for the Rohloff E14 is kind of an afterthought. I have seen the identical switch, minus the Rohloff graphic, used for the assist control on cheap Chinese bikes. I haven't used it with winter gloves yet but the tactile feel is already minimal with summer gloves.

I think if it is at all possible it would have to be done with a Shimano Di2 shifter as it is an electronic shifter. Getting it integrated into the Rohloff canbus may not be so simple. You might try calling Cycle Monkey in Richmond California as they are the true Rohloff gurus in the USA. (510) 868-1777 If you get an answer, please do post it here as I many be interested in doing a conversion too.