Can ANYONE help withn this throttle issue please???


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Half the speed with similar throttle. Probably something different with the speed selector. Do you see voltages change on the red and blue when you pick speeds?
no i only see the same 4.3v and 3.5v I''m wondering if meter is set wrong because I physically change speed , I see wheell going faster and kmh changes . but i only see voltage between the blk and green and blk and wht and it doesnt change. Again Ib tie old one back in and its normal. Fast.


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That's a puzzle. A basic throttle has three wires. (1) Power, which is around 4.3V. (2) Ground. (3) signal which usually varied between 1.0 volt and 3.5 volt like you noted. Your unit has a speed setting, which apparently works.

How do you pick the three speeds? Is it a push button that sequences 1-3? Is there a start button there too? Did the second throttle come with a wiring diagram with wire info?

Most sane designers would use red for the 4.3 volts though. Just traditional.

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