Can't decide which of these three ebikes to buy


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Juiced CCX bike
Pace 500
500 series

I have done my research and narrowed my original list of like 10 bikes down to those three but I can't choose one. They all look really good and similar to me. I've heard really good stuff about juiced but the other bikes are cheaper and apparently work well too. My purpose is to buy a bike for a 6-10 mile commute so I'm not too picky as long as it can carry groceries and last long. I guess it would be better to ask more knowledgable people before I drop a thousand bucks on a bike. Which one is best for a beginning e bike rider for commuting?


The Juiced is clearly the best bike of the lot, as you’d expect it to be at double the price of the others. The motor is significantly more powerful, it has a front suspension fork, a battery with twice the capacity of the other bikes, and a powerful wired headlight.

You probably need to evaluate whether your needs/desires for the bike will remain static or grow in the future. If all you need is the ability to ride 6-8 miles and then head back home, then either the Pace or Aventon should be fine. But if longer rides, rides on rough pavement or dirt roads, or riding in darkish conditions are a possibility, the Juiced bike will likely serve you better.

the other factor in a online bike purchase is, of course, customer service down the line. You never know if you’ll need warranty support or spare parts, right? You might check this forum where you can target the various brands and see if owners have had good or bad experiences with post-sales support.

Good luck!


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I have to ask, who will be getting their hands dirty when this new bike needs attention? The answer here could make a BIG difference in what you should be looking for. If you don't plan on doing this yourself, you need to find somebody willing and able, and the better plan is to do that BEFORE you buy a bike.

Do not make the mistake of assuming you can take it anywhere. MANY have found that local shops either don't speak ebike at all, or they are unwilling to work on a bike they didn't sell.

That issue aside, another vote for Juiced.

Marci jo

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Were you able to test ride any of the bikes you are considering?
A test ride may help your decision before you buy.
Congrats on your ebike considerations!


the Juiced is a far better bike,not even close.
keep it 750watt motor or more and 48v12ah or more and you will be fine,dont settle for anything less.