CC Motor Burnt Out

Discussion in 'Juiced Bikes Forum' started by NovaEbike, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. NovaEbike

    NovaEbike New Member

    Has anyone else experienced this? A couple weeks ago now, in the middle of a ride, the motor stopped working. As I tried to pedal, it was making this awful rattling, clanking, grinding sound. Video below.

    I checked all the connections (all fine) but went ahead redid them. No change. Turned it off and on, removed and reinstalled the battery, all of the usual quick fixes with no luck. Luckily I wasn't too far and was able to limp it home turned off.

    Other details, I had ridden about 14 miles or so on level assist 2, and it was around 60* outside. I have the 17.4 ah battery that was fully charged.

    I contacted juiced support, and like others, can't get them to respond. I put in a support ticket and called everyday at least once for a week before I even got an email back asking for video. Sent them video of it that same day and now it's been another week of calls and emails and no one will get back to me. It's really frustrating as I use the bike to commute to/from work everyday trying to lose weight (down 45 lbs so far). Hoping that Tora or someone from Juiced will see this and help me out. I just got the bike in mid-June . . .
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  3. BKS

    BKS New Member

    I purchased a U500 in February and have had 3 motors with the same issues, less than 500 miles. The local franchise holder is not too helpful, loves to sell not service so much. I have lost confidence in the product.
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  4. NovaEbike

    NovaEbike New Member

    Unfortunately I live on the east coast and there aren't any retailers so I bought from Juiced direct. I'm pretty capable with repairs and everything and am happy to do service myself. I just want some resolution with them, if the motor is bad, send me a new one already so I can install it and get back to using my bike.
  5. rich c

    rich c Active Member

    Sondors bikes have magnets coming loose inside the Bafang motor. Not too difficult of a fix, but does take complete disassembly of the motor and high temp epoxy to glue them back in. Not sure if that is your case or not.
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  6. willie2

    willie2 Member

    Ouch. So much for the warranty. Sounds like they didn't staff up support to match the increased number of bikes they're selling. If it makes you feel any better, judging by the rest of this forum, many people are in the same boat.
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  7. NovaEbike

    NovaEbike New Member

    Well I received a call from Juiced last night and they are sending me some replacement parts to hopefully resolve the issue. Fingers are crossed. I just want to get back on my bike.
  8. Andy_in_CA

    Andy_in_CA Active Member

    let us know what parts you get... I'm curious to what the fix is.
  9. john peck

    john peck Member

    I can sympathize having lost about the same amount of wt. in the last 2 mos., but I quickly learned to treat my bike gently with respect. That means shifting to a lower gear
    instead of loading too much stress on the motor. I'm not saying that's what you did, but when the motor starts to whine, it's time to shift.
  10. ebikeHIgh

    ebikeHIgh New Member

    Have you gotten any assistance for your issues?
  11. john peck

    john peck Member

    Thus far I've had no need of assistance, but I likely drove Tora crazy bugging him about when my CCS would arrive.
    It handles beautifully, shifting gears & mode effortless & precise. I can't believe how well it was tuned right out of
    the box. I did have a hassle at first getting the batpac seated but that was just a matter of practice. Also, it took
    some tweaking to come up with a good mirror arrangement.
  12. NovaEbike

    NovaEbike New Member

    Well I did finally connect with Juiced service and they sent out a replacement wheel with motor. I swapped it out and it's working great now. I love this bike, I'm down another 10-15 lbs and honestly, this bike has everything to do with it.
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  13. youth

    youth Member

    When my wheel went bad it didn't sound like that, but rather an electrical whirring sound & the motor wasn't engaging reliably. A replacement wheel fixed it, but I really wonder what was wrong with the original wheel since I may need to work on it myself next time since I'm out of warranty. I am kind of suspecting that maybe the internal gears wore out since the wheel had several thousand miles on it already.
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  14. daniel58

    daniel58 Member

    Any decent branded name internal geared electric hub motor should last at least a minimum of 7,000 to 10,000km; now sometimes what happens is the "special glue" that holds the fixed position magnets in place heats up and is vibrated "loose" from their fixed position; now if that were to actually somehow happen that can potentially cause the loss of electromotive forward propulsion force and at the same time make an incredible amount of "noisy racket" like in NovaBikes case or if one has a bit more mileage it could result in a total outright failure making "no noise" at all; unfortunately these things do happen on occasion and one can only hope and pray they actually happen within the one year Juiced Bikes electrical product warranty period;

    that is where it truly pays off to get something like a premium recognized branded name e-bike like HaiBike or Bulls Bike as they have a standard two year very extensive "no questions asked" comprehensive bullet proof product warranty; both of those e-bike brands in particular don't cut corners to just increase and fatten up ones corporate profit margins as they have quite a good ebike "field proven" brand name quality to actually protect over the longer term time frame;

    now just count oneself lucky that one was not in the middle of a across the country bicycle tour; if it was me actually going across the United States on a e-biking coast to coast cross country bicycle tour; it would by default have to be a HaiBike or Bulls Bike; they both are ultra reliable and proven brand name e-bikes in their own right; where reliability in the thousands of miles is proven without a shadow of a doubt whatsoever; no matter what the extreme conditions one might encounter; now the CCS ebike would in all probability likely fail in the first driving unexpected "pop up" rain storm that got the "thumb push throttle" moisture soaked(just better to take it off altogether to avoid "shorting out" the thumb throttle and/or the motor controller);

    its definitely not looking very good at all for CCS in the area of Juiced Bikes basic "good quality assurance" department with its ongoing mysterious busted spokes problem, bad mysterious ongoing poorly fitting lithium ion battery intermittent connection woes; and now also apparently a mysterious somewhat questionable bad electrical hub motor problems; and now actual confirmed and verified reports of existing paying Juiced Bikes customers receiving a truly substantially and horrific levels of substandard customer service as if they contracted to buy a bike with a kickstarter marketing campaign e-bike based company(honeymoon is over Juiced Bikes); now it turns out one has to pay for their Juiced Bikes CCS in advance and then wait for three months or more in order to actually receive their Juiced Bike E-bike(one should only be charged for purchased merchandise once tracking shipping information has been supplied and never before); now saving and making money is fine but not if it is going to show up in the final post purchase customer feedback analysis with a totally unacceptable unexpected potential Juiced Bikes product faults in ones e-bike product after ones product warranty has expired; its really not that prudent or wise to try and look to be saving money like that on a long term ongoing basis; as your paying Juiced Bikes customers deserve a much better E-Biking product for their hard earned dollars in the final analysis.
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  15. FredE

    FredE New Member

    Wow, I am so glad I passed on buying a CCA. I was this close to clicking buy on their site but after hearing from several dealers who tell me they are opting out of working with Juiced based on lack of communication I could not justify working with them.

    Sounds like a great product but until they get their act together I am sticking with Magnum.
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  16. BlondAngel

    BlondAngel Member

    You wrote that you're sticking with Magnum -- they also have a one-year warranty. From that standpoint, Magnum is no better than CCS, right? Not only that, the OP got his replacement motor so at least Juiced actually honored the warranty.
  17. FredE

    FredE New Member

    It took me 2 weeks of call after call just to get Juiced to answer a phone call. After hearing all the hurdles OP had to jump through just to get what he already paid for, a warranty replacement I will pass. A lesson for a start up. Great products are only one part of great company. You have to give great service as well. Magnum answers the phone, which is the basic 1st step of running a business. Answer the phone, call people back, be honest and transparent.

    Magnum did that for me. I felt like the CCA was a better product but that does not matter much if they can't take or return call or are having supply chain issues over a year's time.

    That is not a company it's a hobby.
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  18. daniel58

    daniel58 Member

    Heck, if its actually true that Juiced Bikes does not properly choose to actually instantly communicate and personally take care of their potential chosen Juiced Bikes dealers in a forthright equitable and fair minded manner; then what are the actual chances and/or the potential liklihood of an actual potential Juiced Bikes customer getting a supposed quick resolution to a potential Juiced Bikes customer service issue and/or customer service concern; as that is actually what would be an equitable and fair minded Juiced Bikes customer service treatment; sadly and unfortunately Juiced Bikes had chosen apparently to over promise and over marketing hype their line of Juiced Bikes; rather than actually take care of their first and foremost most important paying existing Juiced Bikes customers without question even if its only for a one year Juiced Bikes product warranty;

    now the above customer described experience is of course is totally unacceptable if its actually true and Juiced Bikes does not actually take care of any potential underlying future quality assurance Juiced Bikes manufacturing, assembly and/or conducting any required called for future potential follow-up mandatory Juiced Bikes quality assurance protocol testing; at their frequently quality assurance problematic prone outsourced asian chinese Juiced Bikes contract factory; that actually manufactures their Juiced Bikes supposedly to keep the cost as low as possible; while keeping the profit margin as high as possible without affecting Juiced Bikes product quality suppposedly ; now at the very least Juiced Bikes can be expected to do as a minimum acceptable level of basic customer service is to actually answer the phone and call their Juiced Bikes back the same business day;

    now telling their Juiced Bikes customers what they are going to do to actually definitively resolve their important potential Juiced Bikes existing customer service issues and/or other basic level customer service lack of follow-up concern(s) by actually returning their telephone calls would be a massive customer service improvement indeed; now its been over a year already and they have not taken or even developed the actual steps and/or even properly dispatched the necessary Juiced Bikes corporate resources to actually rectify this totally unacceptable level of basic, reasonable and rational expected level of basic customer service; now Juiced Bikes apparently does not really concern itself with important customer service issues post purchase and does not even take care of any of their potential Juiced Bikes dealers which they are in partnership doing supposed business with on a day to day business; now would you and should you as a potential Juiced Bikes customer buy from Juiced Bikes direct online; I for one would wait and see to seriously reconsider that potential purchase decision to see if they are actually going to get their customer service act together hopefully sooner rather than later;

    now for the potential Juiced Bikes customer has a rather extensive alternative range and scope of competitive offering interesting e-bike choices in much higher levels of quality than ever before; as an example Evelo E-bikes offers with all of their E-bikes a comprehensive four year product warranty along with a very customer service friendly generous 20,000 mile product warranty; now the actual rosy picture over at Juiced Bikes HQ does not look that good for Juiced Bikes at all if they don't get their act together sooner rather than later on; as I hope its reasonable to certainly assume that they would care enough about their Juiced Bikes branding to actually help protect and promote their Juiced Bikes brand name over the long haul rather than have their Juiced Bikes brand name trashed by their very own Juiced Bikes dealer representatives, potential e-bike marketing industry competitors(Juiced Bikes is certainly no HaiBike/Bulls that is for sure) and/or even now apparently their own existing paying Juiced Bikes customers or even potential future Juiced Bike customers.
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  19. Rooster

    Rooster Member

    I Think everyone knows how long I've been waiting for juiced bike's to take care of my issue to know avail, their a joke. I've built one bike and started on another since I got the ocean current and I really don't care wether they send me a frame or not, hell,what good is the frame gonna do me if I can't get the upgrade to go with it. The only reason I bought the bike was the false promise of upgradability. That's ridiculous in itself, you can't get a hold of anybody much less get parts for these things, I'm done with juiced.
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  20. daniel58

    daniel58 Member

    I am sorry but I did not realize you had a separate outstanding Juiced Bikes customer service issue with certain promises made to you as a paying Juiced Bikes customer; please detail and describe for some of the newer potential Juiced Bikes members to the forum that may not be familiar with your particular situation; it definitely sounds like if its likely true Juiced Bikes likes to make certain promises to appease paying Juiced Bikes customers and then try to later weasel out of those stated written promises; now if it that is in fact true then definitely one should hold them both fully accountable and responsible; please definitely do contact both the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General in California and raise the biggest paying Juiced Bikes consumer written complaint action against Juiced Bikes; for both written consumer false advertising and misrepresentation; after all its clearly about the principle of honoring and actually following up on ones stated written promises made by Juiced Bikes(it does unfortunately sound like its time to bring out the enforcement stick to get Juiced Bikes to do the "right thing");

    Tora Harris will not be able to get away with it by any stretch of the creative imagination; Tora is hoping you will just go away don't get mad just get even after all at this point you got nothing to lose since he has your money and you don't have your Juiced Bikes written stated consumer satisfaction; put a "credit hold" on your last Juiced Bikes consumer transaction; that will definitely get his highest anticipated attention and get him to deliver on the written stated promise still somehow not yet delivered; its time for some paying Juiced Bikes customers to claw back and get Tora to honor the apparent "written promises made" in order to get them actually delivered on in a "reasonable" time frame;

    and to also start documenting and gathering all of your previous written communications with Juiced Bikes in order so that you can write up and lodge those recommended lengthy and comprehensive written complaints against Juiced Bikes; Rooster it definitely sounds like you deserve truly better treatment as a truly dissatisfied paying Juiced Bike customer by holding Tora fully accountable and giving him any and all the "bad negative advertising" that he "may" or "may not" deserve until Tora stops making his usual customary "all to frequent" Juiced Bikes excuses that he thought he would not get "called out " on by those apparently very "irritating" and "pesky" paying Juiced Bikes customers; it would seem that their is absolutely "nothing wrong at all" or to "apologize for standing up" for oneself when one has paid a certain amount of money to receive goods with the certainty of "good consumer faith";

    now with a bit more critical perseverance of Juiced Bikes by the "Rooster"; my truly heartfelt wishes for the Rooster to ultimately prevail in this long overdue and absolutely unresolved Juiced Bikes end user customer complaint matter; as I am absolutely certain that after you file written complaints with both the BBB and the California Attorney General's consumer complaint division's office; your written complaint will be resolved in short order; simply because Tora wants to avoid any further ongoing collateral damage "deserved" and/or "undeserved" damage done to his Juiced Bikes brand name; and I am absolutely certain that Tora is a very shrewd and clever businessman when it comes to preserving and keeping his hands on his money and prevent its potential future ungainly clearly avoidable unfortunate loss.
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  21. Rooster

    Rooster Member

    So far the only company that I haven't gotten junk from has been Luna cycle. Just got a rear hub motor and wheel from and it had a flat spot in it but they haven't had a chance to rectify it yet, we will see, I think their a pretty good company. Thinking about calling someone about juiced but haven't decided who, probably FTC.
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