Charging the como


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How are all of you charging your como batteries? Do you charge them to 100% or 80%? I do a lot of 15 to 20 mile rides ( just starting to ride again after a 3-4 year lay off ) and when I’m done, my battery is down to 65-75%. Do you charge them or do another short ride to bring the battery down to 25-35% and then top them off? Just a new ebiker trying to figure it out.


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I am not an expert on these battery matters - there is a lot of info on this forum from people more knowledgeable than me. But for me, when I charge the battery, I bring it up to 100% knowing that I will be using the bike within two to three days. I normally wait to charge when I get down to about 15 – 25%. Obviously, if I was going on a long ride and my battery was at 65%, I would bring it back up to 100% before the ride.


If you are riding within a week or 2 then just charge back to 100%
If you know you won't be riding for a while (like end of season), let the charge go down to about 50%. This is known as a storage charge.
These batteries are tough. No need to do much other than the 50% when in storage.