Cheaper 3rd party Yamaha battery. Probably only for the brave and adventurous...


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Edit: This battery might not be compatible with Yamaha systems produced after 2016. Check before buying.

A cheaper 3rd party Yamaha battery has surfaced. The price on various EU web sites for the 13Ah variant is about 400-420 US$. It's also present on Alibaba, but at a price that almost seems too good to be true.

Gotta say that I'm almost tempted as I need a second battery. A couple of the German Pedelec forum users tried it. Verdict: it performs slightly less well than the original when the power draw is high (i.e. going up a steep hill).

As listed on Yampe:

Alibaba listing:
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The Alibaba version with 11AH specifies Samsung 22P cells. This is an old and cheap cell, but one that has stood the test of time (from about 2010). If you take 50 cells that cost around $2, put them in a case that has to be reverse engineered, and assemble it with a robotic spot welder, what should it cost?

It's an interesting question. Canon and Panasonic resisted knock-off batteries for their cameras, and to some extent they succeeded. But it's not very customer friendly. There's not a whole lot to an ebike battery, though people can argue the safety elements. I don't know when CNC equipment becomes cheap enough for companies to want to make knock-offs, but it is pretty soon.


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The same battery is available on amazon and on e-bay. I'm pretty sure the Alibaba listing was for 1 battery min. purchase when I posted it. Guess it was a mistake.