Cheetah or Cheater?

In compensation for receiving a damaged Cheetah frame , in transit maybe , followed by a battery compartment wiring failure / break , i was promised a couple of pannier bags and a touch up pen . I repaired the wiring fault by re soldering battery connection ,partially un buckled the damaged frame ( paint flaking off )with care and have been waiting several months now for my promised panniers which are valued at £50 for the two , as i recently bought 2 Cheetahs . What is really annoying is that when i e mail Dillenger there is absolutely no reply to my several mails asking whats happening . Like they dont want to know or keep their promise .So whichever of you Dillenger staff who look at this forum Maybe "Roger "who has gone very quiet or left the company , can you please look into this case with some urgency . ? At least let me know what the score is . Are you intending sending me two pannier bags or was this just a fob off to keep me quiet for a while ? If you have a complaints book i would like to write a few words in it ?
Hi Court J .
"Buckle " in this case means " out of shape or alignment " So here i was putting the carrier frame , which is part of the structure of this model ( not an accessory .. ) back into alignment as it was severely twisted in two directions from a transportation fall id say . Having bought two Cheetahs at the same time it was nt at first so obvious until putting the two bikes side by side . I used a trolley jack tubular handle with padding to protect paintwork and levered the bent tubing until almost back into correct shape . The bike crate must have fallen and the carrier took the impact . The paintwork was split in tiny ridges .
I first asked for a replacement bike but the guy (Roger )i dealt with said his boss wasnt agreeing and would i accept a colour pen touch up paint . I thought this wasnt a fair deal considering the distortion. After several mails we agreed upon ( my suggestion ) two pannier bags and a touch up paint kit to be sent to me when in stock . Soon after i found the battery wouldnt charge up and the bike electrics seemed dead .. So i opened the casing and found a broken soldered connector to thebattery and soldered it myself . After that it was working normally . I hope i answered your question and you can understand im not keen on receiving damaged goods

George S.

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I don't know if you bought the Cheetahs on the Kickstarter, or just retail. The kickstarter was sort of a fiasco, and they may be in the red. I wouldn't expect much. Are the bikes useable? They sold it based on the low price, in the CF campaign, and then the Storm bike came along and their campaign sort of died. Dated technology, more than anything else.
Thanks for that info George . I bought the 2Cheetahs for £199 on line from Uk . I live in Portugal . The price was good and the bikes are quite solid and useable with a very low slung crank motor .( mounting pavements beware or any ramps ) .
I got the impression stocks were low as they werent keen on replacing the damaged one saying they were in a bit short supply . I hope the company ( Dillenger )hasnt gone bust ? Maybe you meant my supplier had financial problems ? Strange they stopped replying to my e mail questions .I was really going to buy a more serious model from Decathlon here in Portugal but of course at more than double the price. I reckon i can keep mine going with careful maintenance .
Once again thanks for that
Regards Aidan

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