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So, I've been trying to understand why all the dinosaurs call out " cheetah" as we zip past, and I've come to the conclusion it's a herd warning phenomena.

The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, unlike those slow and cumbersome herd creatures the dinosaurs.

Provisional research seems to suggest that the cheetah, cougar, and jaguar all descended from a common ancestor , which would explain why the oldbikers recognise the species - most of them go home to a cougar driving a jaguar. time you hear the call....



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Oh, I like that -- also reminds me to always aspire to take "the most generous interpretation" in a situation.

I clearly didn't realize I'd been mis-hearing the word they were shouting ;) Now I want to go find the last MAMIL who yelled that at me, to revise my remarks (which alas, weren't made in the "most generous interpretation" vein) to be a hearty "Thank you!"