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Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by Gary R Peacock, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Gary R Peacock

    Gary R Peacock New Member

    I tried out the new Trek Verve+ today
    I liked the way it shifted and the smooth transition when assist kicked it. I tried it out here in Florida where I am on vacation but would be using in and around the Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY where it is quite hilly. Many of my rides there would be 40-50 miles but would usually be using the ECO assist level because I still like a good workout. I also live on top of a 2 mile hill so it would be nice to have some battery left at the end of a long ride. Also I plan to do some touring with a 30-40 pound load. I own two Treks now: the 520 touring bike on which I have taken several 600 mike trips. I love it! I also have a Trek carbon 5000 (not 100% sure of the model). Love that one too. I am 65 and plan to continue riding them but am wiped out after long (40+ mile) rides so I think the combo of both bikes would be helpful. Also looking at the Giant E+ Road bike but that lists for $4000. Hope that helps you suggest the best option for me. I welcome all input!

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  3. Al P

    Al P Member

    Gary, I too ride in the Adks. in the summer. My 250w Evelo Aurora is a great bike but not enough power for those hills. I added a front hub 500w kit to my standard lightweight bike and can now fly up those hills. If you like your Treks, why not just add a kit to one of them and save a bunch of money? They are easy to install.
  4. Gary R Peacock

    Gary R Peacock New Member

    Thank you, Al. Never considered that. Good info!
  5. e-boy

    e-boy Member

    It's ironic that Trek doesn't offer a purpose built eBike Trekking model .
  6. Gary R Peacock

    Gary R Peacock New Member

    I just tried out the brand new Verve+ by Trek. Very nice bike, but there is only one sprocket on the front and it's tough to peddle fast enough to get past 21 mph. Price is good at $2300. Gonna keep looking. Will test drive Giant Road e+ today. I think gear ratio is better on that, but $4000. The search continues.
  7. Leandro

    Leandro Member

    For hills, a mid-drive motor will work best.

    I recommend taking a look at the 2017 Haibike lineup, as I am sure that you will be able to encounter a bike to suit your needs. Also, these 2017 bikes are substantially marked down from their retail prices.

    More than anything, I suggest hopping on as many bikes as possible and narrowing down your options this way. If you ever find yourself in the city, we would love to help guide you and get you on a bike that will be a perfect fit.
  8. Backnine

    Backnine New Member

    Sounds like I am in the same boat as you. Living in Adirondacks and trying to figure out how to get up all the hills. I have a cannondale hard tail 29 that I will probably convert but still doing research. have you reached any conclusions?
  9. Gary R Peacock

    Gary R Peacock New Member

    No conclusions yet. So far rode the Trek Verve + and the Giant e+. Still looking. I'm wondering about the pros & cons of motor on the crank vs. rear wheel. Thoughts & suggestions?
  10. JRA

    JRA Well-Known Member

    My suggestion would be to seek out a local dealer that you feel would offer you the best aftermarket support if you are not going to be prepared to do your own mechanical/diagnostic work. Get the bike that feels the best to you that is offered by them.
  11. Saratoga Dave

    Saratoga Dave Active Member

    Generally accepted lore has it that mid drives climb better than rear drives. I've had both, and my very limited experience supports that. I am down in Saratoga County, but I get up into the ADKs a fair bit and my Trek xm-700+ has been very good with the hills so far, as long as they're only normally steep anyhow. Big fan of that Bosch system!

    If you read through the Trek folder here, specifically a thread about "Improvements To My xm-700", I believe it's called, you'll see that there's at least two guys here who have modified theirs by adding a 42 tooth low gear past the existing 36 tooth gear, and replacing two of the higher gears with one to keep the 10 speed cassette. I very much like that idea for the security of a real barn burner low gear, and intend to do it in the spring. Just yesterday I was on a hill in the north side of Troy that really got my attention, and I would very much have liked to have that extra low gear. I like just heading out places and not planning every inch, and around here you do tend to run into some surprising inclines from time to time.

    Above advice is the best though, keep riding bikes until you find one that speaks to you. What did you think of that Giant, anyhow? I saw one not long ago in the High Peaks Cycle shop in Lake Placid, which surprised me a little. Grey Ghost in Glens Falls has them, too.
  12. Al P

    Al P Member

    Gary, FYI. if you decide to go with a Trek, Freeman's Bridge Sports is now a Trek ebike dealer in Scotia, NY, which is not too far from the Adks. Something to keep in mind if you ever need service while up here. They did some warranty work on an iZip bike that they don't even sell, and we bought a Raleigh from them. At the time they didn't carry Treks. The owner, Rich, is a good guy.
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  13. Gary R Peacock

    Gary R Peacock New Member

    Thanks for the info. I just came from High Peaks Cyclery in Lake Placid where I looked at the Giant Quick E+. It looks pretty nice but did not test drive it because we just got several inches of snow and the roads are super messy. Does anyone have experience with this model? It is billed as a commuter bike but the folks there said it would be good for Adk hills. Thoughts? I feel pretty good about Giant, in general, because both Plattsburgh Lake Placid have good service depts.
  14. Gary R Peacock

    Gary R Peacock New Member

  15. Gary R Peacock

    Gary R Peacock New Member

    Loved the Giant Road E+! Only problem was the drop down bars. Need something upright for my neck/shoulders. Might have found it at High Peaks Cyclery in Lake Placid (Giant Quick E+). (See my comments in previous thread.) Anyone out there own the Quick E+? Impressions?
  16. e-boy

    e-boy Member