Choosing a well rounded first ebike


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A search of this forum suggests M2S are not a manufacturer but a North Carolina based reseller of Chinese ebikes that started up 2 years ago doing the usual crowd funded thing. The specs for the bike you linked to are pretty standard, Bafang hub motor, tektro brakes, etc, so I'd suggest comparing their product with peer competitors and looking for a shop local to you that could service the motor. Bafang have form for changing their motors without giving advance notice to their resellers so don't expect spare parts necessarily to be available after a few years (e.g. See BBS motor production change that has left customers with the earlier version screwed for parts), but at some point in the next few years you will need to replace the battery so ask if they use an open architecture so you can buy a replacement from another vendor or if they use a proprietary battery or non-standard case that only fits their frames in which case you would need to have it rebuilt with new cells if M2S are no longer around.
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I wouldn't go for it unless you are a very casual rider and don't mind throwing you money away. If you can not depend on the dealer you purchase from don't buy it no matter how much you "save".

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