Choosing between the Voltbike Urban and Voltbike Mariner

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    Curious how the Ambassadors work out for you. George was really great at the warehouse and had a bike setup to try out with a bit of advance notice. I ended up buying on the day of. :)
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    I just ordered my Volt Mariner 500 watt limited edition 2 days ago. It was between the power Bike Rad Mini and the Volt Mariner. I live in California and the 175 shipping cost plus the 8 percent sales price just put it out of reach and could get the mariner for quite a bit less shipped to my door.
    I contacted Power Bikes up in Seattle and suggested for their California and Washington customers that have to pay the state tax , that they should give a reduced shipping cost. Especially since Ca and Wa are a heck of a lot closer to ship that shipping to the east coast of USA. I was met with basically a luke warm reply that there is nothing that could be done. So they lost a customer to Volt, who shipped a similar size weight and size bike from Canada BC to California for $70........go figure.
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    @Roflo Welcome to the Volt Mariner club and ebiking! :) Each bike is a little different.. as long as you are happy at the end of the day, that's all that matters. I think Volt has a warehouse in the US and in Canada enabling them to ship either side of the border. Not sure how they got such a good ship cost but it could be possible that they eat part of it to help with purchases. My best guess. Looking forward to hearing your updates.
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    MUDDY GOATBIKE KENDA.jpg So the Voltbike Mariner and I break out of the rainforest at the edge of the clearing for the new fire hall. The single-track narrows abruptly, with an orange construction fence on my left and a steep embankment covered with wild grasses to my right. The oncoming bike rider and I spot each other simultaneously. We both edge right. But it's clear that if one of us does not dismount we're going to tangle handlebars. My right hand jerks the bars hard right, mashing the thumb throttle all the way down. Next thing I know, my Goatbike is cruising along the top of the embankment and I'm looking down on the rider passing below. Hard left and we swoop back down to the trail, continuing on our way. Blew that other guy's mind. Mine, too! With 400k on the clock - most of them off-pavement - I continue to be stunned by the off-road performance of this bike. -Voltman
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    X-Treme Volt Mariner story! Nice!
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    Can anyone provide any pics of the Mariner folded in half. I cannot find one and wanted to make sure it folds in half fairly tight and clean. Still waiting for my Mariner to arrive ,release date has been delayed three times so far.
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    Don’t call it rain. This is the entire Pacific Ocean tilted on edge over Canada’s “wet coast”. After weeks of torrential shenanigans, that hot, acidic, and ever-rising sea is still not emptied. And since my Voltbike Mariner is my sole transport, I’ve just returned from riding across the island in radical monsoon conditions. Again.

    Love my homemade mudflap on the rear fender and those hard-wired running lights. Astonishingly, the magic Microclair Sports potion I scored online is keeping my helmet visor from fogging up. Less happily, my just-ordered raingear isn’t complete so I’m shoving an old motorcycle rainsuit through waterfalls at 27 kph.

    My crazy goatbike thinks it’s fun. Instead of hydroplaning all over the road, those big knobbies shed water easily, maintaining total control. An especially clever trick with violent side gusts coming in off the open sea to smack us broadside at a reported 45 knots. My electric scooter used to blow across the entire lane. But this speeding fatbike doesn’t budge an inch from its line.

    The biggest puddles lurk in the deep, dark woods. No biggie, I figured last week, eyeing a narrow lake maybe 40-feet long. Wrong again. Before I could shout, “Dive! Dive!” the controller vanished underwater. The rear hub motor became a water wheel. And I had to stop pedaling to keep from flooding my boots.

    Don’t try this at home! Pushing serious juice through submerged electrical components is strongly dis-recommended. But the drag on those deeply-immersed fat tires was so great I had to jam the thumb throttle full on to keep my boatbike moving. We powered through that pond throwing a wake like a beamy cabin cruiser running contraband into Miami.

    So watch out for bottomless puddles. And don’t sweat riding your Voltbike Mariner in conditions that would’ve intimidated Noah.

    The less fun downside is an extreme howling every time I jam on those drenched disc brakes. On the Mariner, they shriek loudly enough to turn heads in alarm a block away. No joke. Makes me want to jump off and pretend I don’t know myself.

    The brilliant news is that braking remains good, even zooming steeply downhill in the “rain”. The secret is to gradually squeeze the brake levers. This squeegees most of the water out, allowing for quieter deceleration. I’ll try different pads in the spring. Right now, I’ve got to hang up all this wet gear. After feeding my trusty goatbike, of course. -Voltman

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    Hilarious as always! The plus side to the loud brake noise is that people can hear you coming. That is how I see it. To me that is a benefit at least. :) I will have to give the gradual braking a try.
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    I am curious. Are you unable to straddle the frame?

    You should be able to start the bike with the right pedal at the top if it's rotation.
    Give yourself a little left leg boost while applying downward pedal pressure on the right and you should be ok.
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    Guys does anyone know if you can pedal above the 20mph limit on the Mariner Fat mini Voltbike? thanks!
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    That's a big chainring! I can pedal my Voltbike Mariner at 37 kph after the motor cuts out at 31 kph. -VOLTMAN
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    The Mariner is a terrific snow bike. See my illustrated post here. -VOLTMAN
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