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I've been considering an ebike for a couple of years. I've test rode a few just around the block. I used to commute 15 hilly miles each way to work but it was tiring after a couple of days and it took too darn long. I only average about 10-12 mph on my current bike. I also love to just get outside and explore by bike. I'm considering a Trek Verve+, Giant Quick-E, and Trek Super Commuter. The Trek Verve looks attractive and is by far the cheapest ($2,199) but I'm afraid that I'll regret not having more power for the hills and wind. The Giant is $3,100 but they have last years model marked down. The rear rack looks pretty useless. The Giant did feel very peppy and has a higher top speed. I drained the battery pretty quickly on the test ride but I was really pushing it hard on turbo up some hills. The Trek Super Commuter 7 has a more torque than the Verve but has the same 20 mph speed assist. The Super Commuter cost nearly twice as much the Verve! I'm also tempted to buy online from Juiced Bikes but I'm afraid of no local support if something goes wrong with the motor or battery. The Treks and Giant have a 2 year warranty on the motor and battery. Free tune ups for life on the Trek. I have a short steep hill right from my driveway that I have to climb in the lowest gear or push if I'm not feeling it that day. Just looking for some help with those hills! Btw I'm 215 lbs and have some back issues. Thanks for your input.


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If the bikes you have tried felt good for your back then you have many options.

Giant Quick-e is probably the best option among the ones you have tried(especially if they are discounting last year's model). Turbo on hills will deplete any battery fast but if you take the assistance down a couple notches it will be fine (You have a 30 mile roundtrip with hills, 500wh systems should be enough but on higher assistance levels you may not last on steep hills if you are pushing hard).

Super commuter is simply overpriced for what it is , it comes with the cruise version of the performance line which makes absolutely no sense for a non suspension commuting bike. Verve is more like an elderly person's leisure bike.

If you want to buy online you will have great options. Izip moda with a Brose speed motor is being sold around $2250 I believe. Haibike has great offerings Hardseven, trekking , cross (these will be speed limited to 20mph but will come with a suspension fork and at least 1K cheaper then super commuter).

Also if you think you will take it to country roads, light trails etc then go for at least a front suspension hardtail mtb like this one . The Sduro version of the 29'er was being sold for $1500 on Bfriday which imo was a great deal.

Good luck in your search, there are lots of great options this time of the year.

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Thousands of people have bought Juiced Bikes without any problems, me among them. Pretty good level of risk. Still, it sucks to be that guy who does have problems...