Choosing my first ebike that could tow a trailer and my daughter with special needs

Hi all! I need some help with choosing my first ebike. A little bit of info on me - I'm 5'7" and 130lbs. I'm planning to use the bike around town, run errands, and ride on trails once in a while for fun with my family. I also have a 9 year old daughter who has special needs and doesn't walk. So I'd like to go biking with her pulling a trailer with my daughter in it (the trailer is 34lbs and my daughter is 90lbs). We live in a fairly flat area. I've been looking and seems like the RadCity, Juiced CrossCurrent S, and Surface 604 Rook might be good. Thoughts?
A few thoughts. First, the combined weight of you and your daughter (and the trailer) shouldn't be a problem, since most ebikes are designed for at least 250 lbs. Also, as much as I like the Rook, Surface 604 is currently out of stock on all their bikes; new Rooks will be available around mid-November. If you would like to talk about other options, please feel free to call me at 805-881-3365. Best of luck. Steve

Barry S

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@IWantABike I'm in the hunt for my first ebike for commuting and since you mentioned the Surface 604 Rook you may want to consider the Voltbike Elegant for $1299, which looks nearly identical. Court Rye with EBR did a recent review on the Elegant, and though Court criticizes Voltbike's selection of entry level components from Shimano and Tektro, if you watch the video long enough into the actual test ride he becomes very impressed with the bike's performance. I've even asked Voltbike riders if they've had issues with these components and they've said, "no."

Like you, I was also considering the CrossCurrent S, but after speaking with a local ebike dealer here in Honolulu a few days ago I decided to move it further down my short list. He told me that he's experienced long delays in getting parts from them and communication has been poor. Being on an island out in the Pacific, and depending on my bike for commuting, I can't be waiting and wondering when a replacement part is coming. His experience may be isolated, but I take it into consideration nonetheless. As for the performance or quality of the bikes from JuicedBikes, he had nothing negative to say. The CrossCurrent S is definitely a feature-rich bike with a great look.

If you have any questions about the Elegant or anything else at Voltbikes, George Krastev is extremely prompt in responding. As far as I know, they only sell online although I think you can pick one up in person if you're near the distribution center in Burnaby, Canada or Blaine, WA. Otherwise, shipping is $70. Good luck!
@IWantABike Have you considered a yuba bike? Take a look: There is a picture of a woman with two children in tow. Some bikes are manual and some bikes are electric. While the bikes from yuba look expensive -- They look to seem to be the safest bikes for children in tow. I recently saw a posting in this forum where a bike trailer was rear-ended. I don't know all the details but if the trailer is low, and your children are in it, cars may see you on your bike but may not see your trailer if it is low. With a yuba, you don't need a trailer. I don't have a yuba myself nor affiliated with yuba AND I don't have children, so what do I know? However, it seems that this company has actually made a bike with children in mind. The children sit up high with you as you ride. Just my opinion.