Citizen FRISCO 20" Folding E-Bike

Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by Myrith, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Myrith

    Myrith New Member

    Has anyone looked into the Citizen FRISCO?

    It looks appealing because it's only $1099 with free shipping, but I have no idea how it compares with other folding or budget e-bikes.
    It seems like the main downside might be its smaller battery capacity. (Samsung 36 V 8.8 AH)

    I also have additional info from contacting the company:
    • A rear rack for the FRISCO will be available on the site soon.
    • The battery is designed to have an regular capacity reduction to about 70% after 2 years and 600 charge cycles.
    • Replacement batteries are $349.
    Also, apparently its max speed is limited to 15mph out-of-the-box, but can be changed to 20mph through some settings.

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  3. SuperGoop

    SuperGoop Active Member

    Have you considered this instead:

    This is an updated version, but Court has reviewed the previous model. It includes a rack, full fenders, suspension fork, bigger 350W motor, 20 mph, 45 lbs, and a bigger 36v 10Ah battery... for US$1,049 + $69 shipping. I bought the Yukon 750 from last year, and they seem to be a good company.
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  4. Myrith

    Myrith New Member

    Thanks for pointing out the VoltBike! I hadn't looked at that one before. It does look like a nice option for the same price.
  5. subzero

    subzero New Member

    the citizen frisco is a nice looking ebike, I saw some reviews on YouTube

    However, I do think the voltbike Urban has advantages. Namely these:

    -more watts
    -higher battery Ah capacity
    -it comes with a helmet
    -it has integrated front lights and independent rear lights

    the only downside is that the Urban is currently out of stock