Cleaning your haibike


I've read a little in the manual. It says to remove the battery if you spray the frame? Does anyone wash with a hose?

rich c

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Nope. Damp rag, rinsed often in a bucket of water. Single trails are closed after rain, so it never gets really muddy. Probably looks odd, but I carry the bike over a couple of streams out there too. My theory, water and electricity don't mix.


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Lightly damp rag here too for most of the bike. Cassette is cleaned with MUCoff and associated tools. Chain is cleaned with a sponge and a light brush. For the really grimy stuff you can use some soapy water just as long as it’s far away from the electrics.


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Regarding haibikes with a bosch motor, those things are nearly waterproof.

Its obvious that you shouldnt spray that thing down with a pressure washer, but as far as I know, there should be no problem rinsing the bike off with a hose (without pressure ofc).


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Battery off the bike, there's no chance to short the system even if a drop or two of water get's into a connection.
Battery mounted, the system will be looking for that opportunity.
I live in the arid west and a bucket wash is the right way to do it with the battery off the bike.