Clearing up some misconceptions for new or customers considering buying a bike online

So I have learned a few valuable lessons lately with buying a new Ebike online.

1. Dont take your Neck off while your bike is hanging in a stand. If you do you will have your front fork drop out and all the pieces go everywhere. Yep that happened. =)

2. If your buying a bike online and its being shipped to you always always check the box when it arrives and make sure things look ok. Mine came in and looked great but I figured Id put it out there. you have to understand things happen when shipping stuff. So just make sure you are checking everything out when the Bike arrives at your front door.

3. Dont buy a bike online and have it shipped and believe its going to be adjusted and tuned for riding. Many of these bikes come direct from the Distributer and they know things are going to get shaken up a bit in the box. So when you get your bike be ready to tune and adjust yourself if you know how, or take it to your local bike shop. I had mine done here in Colorado at Source Bicycle (shameless plug) and it only cost me 75$ to go through the bike adjust brakes, rear derailer and get the cockpit setup how I wanted it. The Bike shops have to do the exact same thing when they receive there bikes from there Factories. Nothing is different with these at all.

4. Check all your connections. If you dont own tools then you need to get some. You should always go through and make sure all your Bolts are tightened down. But make sure you do not over tighten them.

5. (Most Important) and this should of been #1 before you start getting out there on your bike write down your Serial number to your bike somewhere safe so you have it incase you have a situation and your bike gets stolen. I know alot of folks probably don't even think about this so thought it was worth mentioning.

6. Get yourself some car touchup paint in the color of your bike. small scratches and scuffs can be taken care of very easily this way.

7. make sure you have purchased an appropriate way to secure your bike. Pro tip: Stay away from Cables They suck bad.

Hopefully this will help out any new folks who have come along and are about to make a purchase. I had to learn all of this and my buying experience from Biktrix was second to none. I highly recommend Biktrix and Roshan. These Ultra bikes are amazing and fast, and run fantastic once you have it tuned and ride ready. Many of the items I listed above I have read on here and thought they where good feedback.