Cold weather battery best practices


Being new to the world of Ebikes, I had some questions about the best way to manage batteries in cold weather, now that nights in Maine are getting down in the low 40s. I did a search on the topic, but couldn't find definitive answers to a few questions I was wondering about:

1. At what temperature would you detach your battery and bring it inside for charging?

2. What's the coldest temperature at which you would feel comfortable charging your battery without bringing it indoors?

3. At what point would the outside temperature be too cold for you to ride your ebike unless the battery had first been warmed to room temperature and then covered with a neoprene sleeve?

Thanks guys!


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I've ridden down to 9° F. (Some cold riding stories) I try to give the battery an hour or two to warm up at room temperature before charging. I always bring the battery indoors in winter weather and use an insulated battery cover when riding below 50°.


I can tell you that battery range decreases noticeably below 40-45 degrees. I rode my bike to work yesterday morning and it was 36 degrees. The bike consumed 60% of the charge on the way in. After recharging it inside my office It consumed 40% of the charge on the way home when it was 67 degrees. More or less I'd say that if the temperatures are going to be below 40-45 degrees you'll want to store and charge your battery in a climate controlled area whether it be a climate controlled garage or inside your house. Due to my living situation I store my bikes and batteries inside my home. I don't have a garage.