Como 4.0 -- what speed are you riding at?


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I am looking at ordering a Como 4.0 without ever test riding one. They are not in stock locally.

I have been able to ride the class 1 limited to 20 mph. When pedaling medium-hard in high gear, I got up to 20. I was pedaling medium-hard, but not all out.

My question is if anyone here has that bike, and how hard are you pedaling to go up above 20? I have read somewhere here that it pretty hard to get it up to 28 because Specialized has tuned it to be that way. Are you commuting along at say 24 mph? Can you ride it at that speed for half an hour?

It did appear to me that the Brose motor is very much tied to the pedaling effort. I liked it a lot. I liked it more than riding a different brand that takes you along when it is in high power setting. With the Brose, it seemed that I was only able to go 20 mph if I pedaled medium-hard. It seemed very natural, and I liked that the motor was quiet.

It is kind of unusual to find an ebike that is class 3, 28 mph, where the riding position is upright like the Como 4.0. I suppose the position and wind resistance will not help me out to go fast. Still it looks like a pretty awesome (and comfortable) bike for commuting from what I am seeing and reading.

Also, I could mention that I want to commute less than 10 miles each way, and bike + rider + gear will be pretty close to 300 pounds. This is one of the reason that I am considering the more powerful motor (Brose T I believe) found in the Como 4.0 rather than the Como 3.0. These are the 2020 models.

Thanks in advance for any comments you can provide.


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I'm near your weight and recommend getting 4.0.

If you're wondering about it now, you'll kick yourself later for not getting it.


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I ordered the bike and bought it after a short test ride. With a medium pedaling effort I am going about 23 on level roads. My commute went from 40 minutes to 18.

The bike goes noticeably faster than the 20 mph class 1 model.

I can make it go 28, but only if I pedal hard in high gear. Also in the middle setting I am going 20 with medium pedaling.

At this point I am very happy with the bike for commuting.


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I have a 2020 Como 4.0. Blackdog7 mirrors my experience. When pedaling comfortably in full battery assist, I am in the 22 to 24 mph range. Love the bike and am very happy with my purchase.
I’ve got a Como 3.0 and after changing the crank sprocket from the factory 40t to a 48t I’m cruising at 22-23 with little effort and can hit 28 with ease. Looking now for a way to hack the controller to eliminate the governor although I rarely ride over 25. Also have a Rad Rover fat tire Ebike I changed the gearing on and it’s much better than the factory gearing. These bikes are sold around the world and the gearing is designed for all types of terrain. There are no hills where I live and tall gears just work better. The Rover and the Como are apples and oranges apart but I find myself riding the Como most often because it’s just a higher end bike with better components. Off road the Rover rocks.