COMO 5.0

Hi , just joined. I am considering upgrading to a como 5.0 from a Decathelon branded ebike. I live in a mountain area on the South Coast of Spain on top of a serious hill. Most of the 4 mile climb from the village I manage with a motor torque rating of 50nm, but part of the road is a real struggle. A friend has a bike with a Bosch CX motor rated at 75nm and climbs the same road with ease. Is the Como a good hill climber and can anybody tell me it's torque rating ? Also I would be using the bike for shopping trips to the village where I would fill up two side bags on the rear rack...can the rack handle a bit of weight without pressing down on the mudguard and scraping the wheel ? Many thanks.
Welcome, boborino!

I don't have any experience with the Como 5, but I have a 2018 Vado 6 with a similar Brose motor (US version). My Vado has the 1.2S Brose motor tune and puts out ~90Nm (rated 250W nominal). It flys! You can cruise at 28mph, and 20% sustained grades are no problem albeit at slower speeds around 5-10mph. The new Como and Vado models come with the 1.3 Brose motor tune that puts out about the same power, so you should be fine. My 2018 Levo also has the 1.3 motor tune and is plenty strong (I see motor outputs as high as 780W using the BLEvo app).

The new Como 5 also comes with the larger 604Wh battery - that's great as it provides good range! The 604Wh battery on my Vado gives me about 50 miles with 5,000 ft climbing (I weigh 160 lb); Mrs levity can go 70+ miles with 7,000 ft climbing (she's lighter, ~115 lb).
Hi e-levity , Thanks for your help...after reading what you wrote and further research I am sure Como will get me up our hills..still a bit worried about the rack. Anyway I love the look of it and the reports I read but to spend that kind of money I would like to see it. The nearest place for me to see it and have a test ride is in the UK or I am off to Berlin ( cheaper to get there ) at the end of the month. Thanks again.