Considering the 2017 All Mountain 7 and possibly the 2017 Full 7

Discussion in 'Haibike Forum' started by Marc Webster, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Marc Webster

    Marc Webster New Member

    Hello All,

    I test rode a 2017 all mountain 7 and all mountain 6.5 and really like the all mountain 7 mostly due to preferring the way the Bosch felt over the Yamaha. I also tested the Giant and specialized Levo. My LBS has quoted me $3800 out the door for the 2017 AM7 and also there is a used Am7 near me on Craigslist for $3300 but I bet I could offer $2800 and possibly get it. Owner has only owned it a few months. My only concern is with a bike this expensive it may make sense to just buy new and be the owner on the warranty. If I buy used I assume the warranty is non transferable. Unless perhaps its just tied to the receipt and the used bike owner has the original receipt. Perhaps take the $1000 savings on used and buy a second battery?

    Also the 2017 Full 7 will be here in December for me to try. Its the black one with the orange Fox forks. I am more a fan of Fox over Rockshox so I am also leaning toward waiting, but in doing so I risk the Am7 in my size being out of stock as well as the used bike.

    Most of my current riding is XC based but mostly because I cant climb for crap. I like good technical singletrack, but not too extreme and maybe the Full 7 is more close to what I am used to. However, I have to say the Am7 I rode with the mid wide tires felt amazing and I may end up becoming a better rider due to the AM7 capabilities..

    I am located in the Los Angeles area and looking for advice on all of this.

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  3. Sweetwater

    Sweetwater New Member

    The current FullSeven 7,0 S is the same bike as the 2016 FullSeven S Pro in a separate thread.
    You need to be clear about which Bosch drive you prefer.
    The S version is 63nM torque but 28 mph, great for XC and what I chose.
    The Cx version is 75nM torque, 20 mph and much more useful for technical/climbing singletrack.
    Good luck with your choice, I really like my Haibike with the Bosch Performance S drive.
    Here's a good review.
  4. Marc Webster

    Marc Webster New Member

    I ended up buying a second had (nearly new) 2017 All Mountian 7 and will be picking it up today. Got it under 3K and figure its a good deal and a much better bike than I am as a rider as most of my riding for the last 20 years has been XC related and I hate climbing. This will get me th help in climbing yet still give me the range to play on trails I would never be able to access in the past. Its all steep uphill from my house everywhere so im looking forward to biking more since the climb anxiety is gone.