Controller cable short and burning out out

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Repairs' started by Fri22a, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Fri22a

    Fri22a New Member

    I bought a custom ebike and the controller keeps shorting out. The blue cable leading too the motor seems to be overheating and I can't tell the cause.

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  3. harryS

    harryS Active Member

    You have a crimped terminal that's overheating. Those are not good for high current motor connectors. Either the crimp was bad, or the ring terminal wasn't tight enough on your connector. You'll have to cut off all the burned wire and replace it as it will still overheat, now that the individual copper strands are burned. You should probably get better connectors for all three motor wires, which are the heavy blue, yellow, and green wires.

    All of this is simple, but needs some good technical repair skills.

    Whether that solves your controller shorting issues, I don't know, but it's clear that the previous owner under designed the motor connections.
  4. Fri22a

    Fri22a New Member

    Thanks for the reply harryS

    Repairing and replacing damaged wire should be simple enough I'll be able to manage that myself. But I'd really appreciate it if you could suggest a type of connector better suited to replace them with.
  5. Brayden is RAD

    Brayden is RAD New Member

    im not positive but it looks like that controller is sending out really high current maybe get different controller that wont give more than 22 amps max
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