Controller Modification for more speed?


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I have a 20" model and I really like it , it has really really good range given the size of battery it has. however i think the fact that it has a sine-wave controller, it doesnt seem to "use" as much power even on assist level 5. i have a similarly powered bike and that one, is not sine-wave, and has more of a "jerk" at start but that also feels like i can gain to a top speed of ~27mph quickly/easily. on my 20" qualisports, i seem to peak out around around ~21mph. i CAN get to 27mph but i'd have to peddle extremely hard.

i wonder if theres a way to modify the controller to get more power than its currently set at?


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THose look like mighty nice folders, with the batteries in the seat post tubes.

Controllers can be modified to increase the current, and that might increase acceleration if the battery can deliver the extra current., but top speed is not changed much, unless the original current setting was really low. In my opinion, you need to increase the battery voltage to go noticeably faster.


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I couldn't imagine the hamster wheel pedaling pace of going much past 20 mph on the Volador. But, you can modify the speed by changing a setting in the controller.