Cordless portable air inflators


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I have noticed watching CycloX races this winter that in the pits there are cordless drill looking tools being used as tire inflators. Knowing that cordless tools are available to just about anything these days I took a trip down Google Ave. and of course came up with a variety of options including a 10 best site: Top 10 best cordless air pump for tires in 2018 review

The ones I saw in the pits looked like there were Metabo based as I recognized the green color. That brand doesn't show up in the above site but there are some that resemble the drill type as seen in the pits. But the one that is attractive to me after looking at the options is the cylindrical type as they are compact and weigh half as much as the drill types at 1lb.. They recharge via AC or 12vDC (car) and are small enough to fit in a back pack easily.

The one I have decided on is this:

It even comes with a presta adaptor which none of the others I could find did. Along with an LED read out and pre-set tire psi/bar to shut off ability.

Another one I considered was a Ryobi drill type model that without a battery is around $30 and I have a Ryobi cordless vaccuum with the right kind of battery. But it doesn't have the 12V option nor presta adaptor and weighs twice as much and it's bulk and weight would not make it as packable. Would be good for home use though if you have a one+ battery.

I don't expect these type of units to pump up a car tire, although they advertise they will, but for bike tires they should work fine especially because I only inflate to 15psi on my mtb and 35psi for my gravel bikes.

Just curious if any here have had any experience with this type of tool to share before I pull the trigger. TIA.


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I have one of the drill types, it looks like ryobi but nb it's 12 v and DOES NOT like me using the ryobi 18 v battery.....It'll pump up a 4x4 tyre on the stock battery, but needs a rest before pumping up the next tyre - there is a 12 v adapter that I use when all 4 tyres on my boat trailer are flat....

That one you linked would be fantastic if there was an ability to use 12 v directly


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"if there was an ability to use 12 v directly"

In the text it says it is, but not on AC directly. However they recommend not using it continuously for more than a short time.

Thanks for the feedback, I think I'll put one on order!
Yes, I have the drill looking type. The name is" Air Man professional cordless tire inflator " I got mine on Amazon $89 don't go by the reviews others have made. Absolutely love the thing. Hardly ever use a regular bike pump anymore. So loud that I use ear plugs. .I use it all the time. Works great for hard to get to valve stems. Like on my Burley Travoy trailer. Adapter just screws on. I keep a Presta adapter screwed on the end, in case I need it. Takes awhile to learn proper usage ,which is why others reviews are so bad. It can use 12volt , but recommends not inflating a car tire.I use it for only topping off air pressure on car tires, not inflating from flat .All plastic, so you need to be careful handling it. Highly recommend !!
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It looks like you made a good choice for the price. I like the lockable air chuck which makes it convenient for bike tires.

In my case, I use this unit when I travel:

I have a supply of DeWalt batteries I use for other tools so there is always a charged one available.

The unit is obviously too bulky to carry on a bike. I keep it in the vehicle for tire work before and after a ride. I carry a C02 inflator for trail use.
I have started carrying a minature hand pump. I still carry CO2 cartridges but last month I had a flat, my spare was flat as well and then I didn't get the patch on properly. By that time I was out of CO2 and had to call my wife. I like the slightly larger plug in inflators for use at home. I see no need for a portable electric inflator, unless you were wanting to use it on the road and then the hand pump is superior in my opinnion.
I have the drill looking type. I have been using the Craftsmen for many years for car and bike tires. Has never failed and built tough. Very efficient, but not compact. Have 3 lithium batteries that charge quickly. I generally carry CO2s however, have not had to use them for the last 2 years.
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