Cracked Torque Sensor plate on ST1

I had a flat tire a couple weeks ago on my ST1 and it happened to be across the street from a auto repair place. I used their 19mm wrench and air to change my flat tire. As I was tightening the nut back on, I heard a crack. Figured it was just those locking washers seating with each other but it turns out that I had overtightened and actually cracked the aluminum dropout plate that houses the TMM4 torque sensor. This resulted in the torque sensor not reading my output reliably and the power constantly cutting in and out, to the point where I just had to keep my thumb on the boost button to get where I was going.

MAKE SURE YOU DON'T OVERTIGHTEN THE REAR WHEEL NUTS! Bike is in the shop now waiting for the replacement part.

Mine is a 2013 ST1 Platinum that I’ve owned for over five years. I’ve changed the tires on it many times. I guess I’ve been lucky, but I will keep that in mind the next time I need new tires.