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Discussion in 'Voltbike Forum' started by ace20ri, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. ace20ri

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    Hey everyone!

    Felt like blogging so I decided to start a thread to see if anyone else has customized their Voltbikes. I have late 2016 model Yukon Limited and made some (what I consider) upgrades. Check them out below and feel free to post your own!

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  3. ace20ri

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    Here are some pics! Some of my mods are replaced APT LCD display with Cycle Analyst (CA3-DP), replaced stock controller with Phaserunner by Grin Technologies (Dimensions 99mm x 40mm x 34mm), DNP 7spd 11-30 Freewheel (11T helps with the higher speeds I can go now), potentiometer (assigned to control overall power level), digital aux 2 button input (I have it assigned to control PAS levels), Momentary On/Off Switch by PerfecTech, Lifeproof Bike Handlebar Mount for my iPhone 7+, longer 720mm OUTDAD handlebar, Ergon GP5 grips, EM3EV Power Switch with horn button (switch wired to LED spotlight), 48V Uxcel horn, YITAMOTOR 36W LED spotlight, Classic 2.0 Garment pannier for commuting (, Suntour SP12-NCX Seat post, Pro-Bikegear slap guard, Venzo side mirrors, Blusmart Wireless rear light and Zefal DT Armor frame guard. IMG_3305.JPG IMG_3308.JPG IMG_3301.JPG IMG_3309.JPG IMG_3302.JPG IMG_3310.JPG IMG_3477.JPG IMG_3479.JPG
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  4. rich c

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    You might want to take those fenders to an automotive body shop. They can do wonders with a dolly and hammer to smooth out the kinks. Just a little to much stuff for my liking, I prefer a smoother look. Your enthusiasm is to be admired!
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    Ha, kind of hard to miss the dents in the front fender @rich c . I didn't feel like going through the hassle of sending them back to Voltbike since they would not fit properly so I was a little rough on them with vice grips :D I like to think it adds some "character" to the bike. I agree that the some of the additions I have made take away from the integrated stock look, but the performance upgrade is worth it (30+mph). When I replace the battery with new modified extended dorado housing that contain a new 2170 battery pack, I plan to integrate the power electronics a lot better to get back to the stock look. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. ace20ri

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    After some calculations and measurements, I discovered that I could swap out my 42T chainring with a 46T chainring and still have plenty of clearance to the chainstay. I also opted to remove the bashguard and add a Problem Solvers Chain Spy 2 and Direct Mount Adapter to prevent the chain from coming off. I also changed the crank arm length from 170mm to 175mm to fit my riding style better. I do not ride a lot of hills or hit a lot of hilly trails (more beach riding) so the 175mm length is a lot smoother ride for me, especially at speed >30mph.

    Next project is to swap the battery cell pack with cells used by a certain American electric vehicle maker (please do not ask how) to drastically increase my energy capacity and fast charging capabilities. Stay tune ;)

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  7. AguassissiM

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    That is what I call a full custom adaptation.
    I Thank you @ace20ri for sharing, hope to transfer some of your ideas to my Teo one day.
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  8. ace20ri

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    @AguassissiM Thanks! Sharing is caring ;) I’ll look out for your upgrades when that time comes.
  9. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    @ace20ri Are you happy with the panniers? I had a Topeak MTX Trunk Bag on my Trek until one of the side pouches started to rip. Great bag, but the hard shell made it awkward for carrying over my shoulder if I needed to stop somewhere and leave the bike. I didn't want to spend $100-200 at the time for new panniers so I took the "functional value" route and installed a wire basket on the rear. Granted it would kill the whole fung shui of a Yukon, but it works for my Trek FX. I just drop in my backpack and go. If I get a Yukon, the wire basket is staying on the Trek. ;)
  10. ace20ri

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    I am really happy with the garment pannier. Besides keeping my clothes somewhat presentable when I take them out it has a padded laptop section inside that is pretty well protected from moisture. It comes with a rain cover but never had to use it since rainfall is pretty unusual where I live. The few times I was surprised with rain, it was a light drizzle and the pannier held up well keeping everything inside dry.

    I did not want to spend a lot either on a pannier but I have a bad back from my college football days so a backpack was not an option for my 25 mile daily round trip commute.

    I would never judge anyone and their taste so if a basket works for you then go for it. But I would agree with you that the basket should stay off the Yukon ;):D:cool:
  11. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    I would prefer not to ride with a backpack because I don't like the weight and it leaves my back soaking wet. I did find a backpack from Osprey that has a web design to lift the pack off my back and allow air to flow behind it. I also found a commuter pannier with good reviews, but it doesn't come cheap. I've lightened my daily cargo load by purchasing an extra pair of dress shoes in both black and brown and leave them under my desk at work. Now all I carry is my change of clothes, lunch, and a few bike tools.
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    I looked at Osprey as well when I thought about going with a back pack instead of a pannier. I do feel a little more "nimble" with a back pack instead of a pannier but my back had a lot to say about that after a few round trips. I have over 1k miles with my garment pannier and could not be happier. Since the Yukon is a rear hub, it takes the extra load like a champ. The rack system is pretty universal so what ever you choose I'm sure it will work out.
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  13. ace20ri

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    Consolidating this post from another one I made!

    I recently swapped out the nubby stock Juggernauts for Origin8 Supercell tires. Talk about a huge difference! My ride is so much smoother and quite. I also converted the wheels to tubeless and have not looked back. Here are a few pics:

    Origin8 next to the stock Kenda's:
    View attachment 18704

    Gorilla tape shown applied to wheel for tubeless conversion. I also took the liberty to change the liner from red to black. A lot more stealthy
    View attachment 18705

    Origin8 mounted next to stock Kenda's mounted.
    View attachment 18712

    Picture of my beast of a Yukon.
    View attachment 18713

    Close up on tire tread (I took some frustration out on the front fender during another upgrade).
    View attachment 18714

    Side view of front tire tread. View attachment 18715

    Side view of rear tire. View attachment 18716
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  14. jazz

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    Awesome. Nice to see you replaced those God awful Kendas!
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  15. ace20ri

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    @jazz YES! I finally had enough. So glad I did...disappointed I didn't make the decision sooner!
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  16. jazz

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    Congrats on a fine looking ebike and all those upgrades. The front light is awesome!
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