Cyclone 3K + Townie = FrankenTownie!

No it's not stealthy! And no it's not subtle! But it is the most fun I've had on a Townie in awhile. Not for the faint of heart, this beast will do 40+mph and it's only running at 52v at 40amps now. Will be going to 72v at 60 amps in the near future! I think I'm going to need new tires! And a full face helmet! Makes me wonder why I put pedals on it!



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Not sure if you shouldn't add scary to that first sentence? These days with the extra weight of e systems and with the option for disc brakes available, although I realize your bike doesn't have the mounts, any sort of e bike that is capable of 40+ mph should have the best brakes going. Please be careful, it's DIY not DYI (Do Yourself In).
Thanks for your concern! You're absolutely correct about needing the best brakes available! If you look closely at the photo you will see I have installed Kool Stop brake pads. They make a rim brake as powerful a stopper as a good set of disk brakes! Really! I can haul it down from 40 to a complete stop as fast as my riding partner can stop his with disks. After all, disk size has a lot to do with stopping power, and 26" rims are some big disks!