Cyclotricity Stealth 1000W

Hi everyone,

A few months back now i bought myself a new e-bike which is a cyclotricity stealth 1000w, so i thought i would do a review of it now that i have had a decent amount of time riding it.

First off i ordered it directly from cyclotricity and the wait time from actual order to delivery was very fast, i made the order for the next day and it was with me the following day. The bike that i ordered was a stealth 1000w 16AH. The bike came restricted to 250w, in order to de-restrict i had to sign a disclaimer sheet and then they emailed me the code to unlock its full power for off road use only. with my order i also included a throttle which i was told would make the off road experience even better.

First impressions were on road doing my 5.6 mile commute to where i work and back every day, the bike was capable of around 16 miles an hour under standard pas and if i pedaled hard enough even more but i was doing this on my own leg power. i found the gearing for the 250w mode to be sufficient, and the brakes were good for stopping when you had to slow down quickly, there were 160mm disc rotors and mechanical calipers. the ride itself was very smooth as the stealth uses hybrid semi slick tires. the front suspension took most of your every day bumps out of the ride and the air cushioned seat helped at the back of the bike.

I took the bike out to one of the tracks i have taken my other bikes to before, these being all mountain and free ride bikes and did some of the forest roads and a little light trail riding on the 1000w mode. once you de-restrict the bike to 1000w its give you a lot of torque and a fair bit of speed too. along flat i was able to get around 30mph and the most i got on a downhill slope was 36.5. The throttle made my life a lot easier going uphill and over rougher parts. The semi slick tires had enough grip in the corners because the tread is grippy enough at the edges. The only notable thing is that the suspension would struggle if you were to go on a track that was too rough for it.

Over the time i have been using it i looked into a couple of new parts, the originals worked fine but i fancied some extra stopping power for off road and an LCD with a remote to make pas changes easier when off road also. i had spoken to Cyclotricity while making these upgrades and they advised the parts i added, they were advised to me on the basis that these parts will be available direct from Cyclotricity in the very near future. The hydraulic brakes, which are Tektro ones, have much more power than the original mechanical one and they are on 7 inch rotors which means they will stay nice and cool at high speeds. the LCD has a remote and a little more information about the motor during use, motor power etc. I found both of these upgrades made a noticeable difference to the bike.

The range of the 16AH battery on 250w with a combination of pas levels was around 35-40 miles depending also on terrain and on 1000w mode if i mostly used throttle off road range was about 16 miles or less. the running gear is also still running great with regular service intervals.

I hope this review is useful should you be looking for a new e bike