Dahon Qix D8 + Swytch

Hey all!

I'm really excited to build up a Dahon Qix D8 with the yet-to-be-released Swytch system. I have the Dahon being delivered next week and the Swytch likely won't be delivered until late this year. I previously had a GoCycle G3 that didn't quite meet my ideal for a folding e-bike. Am hoping that the Swytch system will be as easy to set up and live with as they suggest. The Dahon promises to be a quick folding and useful machine. Will post more when I get this project off the ground. I'll be riding the Dahon around for a few months sans motor to get accustomed to it.

@KidWok, looking forward to hearing more about how that Swytch system works for you. It's a new idea and it looks like the company focused on one appropriate for the smaller wheels on your Dahon folder. Keep us up to date and load pics and descriptions of how the installation goes for you. Companies promise a lot :) but it's what our real world community sez that helps.