Daily tour


I believe giant has missed the mark in the US market by not offering the daily tour. Both models have internal hubs, fenders and racks


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Single speed...
I think that is going to catch on in a big way for ebikes - for simplicity sake. The whole purpose of gears was to make going fast easier - now they do it with an electric motor. [shrug]

I'm picking up my Explore tomorrow - pretty excited about it. I think it's a great bike - I can't find negative reviews for Yamaha anywhere. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. LOL


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Sweet ride and already has 6 sensor motor. Great as a commuter but wouldn't suit you speed freaks.
8 speed hub doesn't have wide enough gear spread so top speed is limited to about 21mph with 100rpm cadence. Europe only has mtr assist to 15mph. But I love mine.