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Discussion in 'Daymak Forum' started by stevebriggs, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Donald 123

    Donald 123 New Member

    I got to the dealers setting but it keeps telling me that akili123 is the wrong password can anyone tell me more info on this and if there are any other codes I have the daymak em1
  2. Donald 123

    Donald 123 New Member

    I've got it to work but the password does not work
  3. Donald 123

    Donald 123 New Member

    I've tried that code it does not work for my em1
  4. vturvey

    vturvey New Member

    I always use the password fixme to get into the dealer part of the app.
    I am looking for the proper setting for the 32 kph governer. I called Daymak and they gave me settings that made it come close but I still get up to 37 kph on flat ground with a full charge. Also it is slow to start. I have a Chameleon. Does anyone know the settings I should be using? Thanks!
  5. vturvey

    vturvey New Member

    You got a User Guide?
  6. Nightrider68

    Nightrider68 New Member

    Hi Im new here Got a new em1se. I love it so far.. But would also like a bit more speed in gear(3)
    Was wondering if you could please share?
  7. Nightrider68

    Nightrider68 New Member

  8. Nightrider68

    Nightrider68 New Member

    By TURBO ON, do you mean Boost? and why 2 pass codes?
  9. Nightrider68

    Nightrider68 New Member

    Please tell me how you did this. Thanks..
  10. crivera

    crivera New Member

    Hi. Can you please share what you did?

  11. stevebriggs

    stevebriggs New Member

    I really doubt anyone has got their Chameleon going faster than an indicated 55 kph using the app settings alone.
  12. x.l.r.8

    x.l.r.8 New Member

    Isolate 12v supply and feed it 12v.

    Wire up motor to run in reverse by swapping around the blue/yellow and green wires

    In app, set reverse speed to 100% as reverse is not speed restricted

    Then set to reverse

    Supply the hall sensor with external power no more than 4.8v a step down board from the 12v system is perfect as you can adjust the voltage with buttons and it saves it's last settings.
    They limit to power from the hall sensor (ultimately this controls the speed) so you have to supply the max voltage back to the controller. This step requires that you supply 4.8v to the HAL throttle position sensor. Any more will not pass the HAL, any less drops the top speed.

    The only way to see your speed is on the app because the speedo only reads up to 32km in reverse mode.

    Obviously I'm not taking any responsibility for you doing this mod, getting caught, getting fried or getting thrown off at high speed is your own concern. I'm just putting the information out there, it's up to you what you do with it.

    As for z24 coming across that information, it's possible but not probable, even less likely is he's done it, but it has been done and seems to work just fine.

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