Daymak Wild Goose vs. other fat bikes

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    I'm researching fat bikes, comparing different brands/models. I really like Teo S fat bike, read and watched tons of postings and videos comparing it to Volt Yukon and RadRover bikes. However, there is another similar bike Daymak Wild Goose that I couldn't find any recent reviews (Jan 2016 is the latest) and there isn't much info on Daymak sub-forum either.
    Spec-wise Daymak is similar to the above bikes and the price is very competitive, so I'm wondering if anyone can share their personal experience about Wild Goose.
    • Motor: 500W Hybrid Pie Brushless Hub Motor
    • Battery: 48V 10AH Lithium
    • Battery type: Lithium Ion Polymer
    • Battery life: 800 charges
    • Brakes: Hydraulic front and back disc brakes
    • Charger type: 48V
    • Max speed: up to 32km/h
    • Range: up to 40 km on throttle/ up to 80 km on pedal assist
    • Max load: 120 kg
    • Gross weight: 42 kg
    • Climbing incline: 15 degrees
    • Tire size: 26" x 4"
    • Gauges: Battery level, speedometer, odometer, 6 speed pedal-assist mode, 7 speed Shimano torney Gearing system
    • Lights: Front LED
    • Removable battery: YES
    • Key ignition: YES
    • Front Shocks: YES

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  3. Cole

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    My friend got a Dayak and is very unhappy. He calls is a Chinese peice of crap. I am personally going to wasn’t until January, and get the new 2018 Radrover with their new battery design and color scheme. It will be sick. I trust radar over the most out of all the other companies. I just wish that Radrover would integrate the battery into the frame like the Volt Yukon 750.