Delta in the garage, Aurora on the way.

Well I have 120 miles on my Delta and an Aurora that should be here tomorrow. The Aurora went from Washington to Tracy Ca 90 miles east of me to Texas then Salt Lake City and now in Nevada, nice jon Fed Ex.
Good luck with your new bike. Curious why did you buy the Aurora, if you have the Delta. Looking forward to hearing your experience with the Aurora after you get it. Did you order the 750w or 500w Aurora?
The Aurora is for me wifey. I got the 750 19" frame open box, I would have bought new but there is no 750 stock right now. I put it together last night and rode about 3 miles. First impression is positive on the test ride. The front fender that came is crap, flimsy and no way to adjust it to not rub the tire, so its off.

Jerry LM

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I had the Delta and went to the Aurora, love it, much more power and love the full time throttle. As for the fender, mine rubbed on the bottom because the corners were to tight and didn't allow enough clearance as well. I took a wedge and stuck it between the fender and tire on each side and forced the corners away from the tire. Left it overnight and the next morning the tire cleared and has remained stable. Hit it with a little warm air from a dryer and it works faster.
The only issue I had with mine was the double kickstand when retracted was to low and didn't give me enough clearance to the ground, the first few times out it kept dragging in corners. So I called Evelo and just a couple of days ago they sent me the new rear kickstand that replaces it. Single but sturdy and I like the look much better as well as plenty of clearance for the road. Jerry
Thanks for the feedback. Too bad about the fender. Maybe you can try the fix to the fender that Jerry did. If not, can you buy another aftermarket fender that will fit? I also prefer the single side kickstand, as the dual kickstand hangs lower and can scrape, and weighs more, and takes more effort to lift the bike up onto the kickstand. Good to know they do have a single side kickstand. I thought it would be hard to find one that would attach, since there is no lower frame tubing on the Aurora where a normal side kickstand attaches, and the frame is much thicker. Where do you attach it to, and assume it is custom for the Aurora? Can one order it with the side kickstand instead of the dual kickstand? Thanks.
Mine came with the single kickstand, mounted at the rear. Front fender is gonna stay off (I might have taken some frustration out on it) and I'll look for an aftermarket. I can verify tonight how the stand mounts either bolted to frame or a clamp type mount. As I remember it is pretty clean mount.