Denver wants Dockless Scooters to use the Bike Lanes


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Considering how Acoustic Bike riders view the likes of us imagine how their heads will explode when "their lanes" are loaded up with scooter riders bumbling about!

The Proposal:
  • The scooter must operate in a bike lane, if one is available, not exceeding the speed limit of 15mph.
  • If a bike lane isn’t an option, the scooter will be allowed to ride on the roadway, if the maximum speed limit of the roadway does not exceed 30mph. When riding on the roadway, the scooter must stay to the right of the road.
  • If a bike lane isn’t available, and the roadway has a speed limit greater than 30mph, then the scooter may operate on the sidewalk.
  • When riding on the sidewalk, the scooter may not exceed a speed of 6mph and must yield to pedestrians at all times.


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In Denver, can you ride a "normally aspirated" peddle bike when a bike lane isn't available and the speed limit is greater than 30 mph?


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That’s what we do in California, except no sidewalks at any speed, and when no bike lane, the road’s speed limit must be 35mph or less (25mph until 1/1/19). If the speed limit is over 35mph, we just can e-scoot there.

I tried them in Santa Monica. I didn’t interact with many bicycle riders, but they seemed used to them.