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    Hi all

    I just received my Dillenger Opia today (see below link for the US version). I was in the market for a folding electric bike and this fit the bill, literally and figuratively. The price was right and figured I'd give it a whirl after entering the ebike foray via the Juiced CrossCurrent Air (500w version). I've decided the CrossCurrent Air was way too heavy to lug around (ie carry, put on a car rack, navigate in a tight bike parking garage) so I'd give this Opia a whirl.

    To give context, I test rode an E-Joe epik and Motiv Stash (both 350w) and a velomini plus. I really liked the stash but couldn't justify the price thus I found the Opia.


    At any rate, I received the Opia this afternoon and opened the box and it was packed protectively. Just enough styrofoam cushioning and wrap around the frame. No instructions were included but it was pretty straightforward to assemble and it took me about 15 minutes to put the skewer on the front wheel, adjust the front brake, install pedals, etc. Oh, about the brakes. They're reversed; left lever controls the rear and the right lever controls the front. I will be switching that out as all my other bikes are the other way around.

    I took it for a ride around the block and although it's not as powerful as the CrossCurrent, it has plenty of pep for a 250w motor. It handles pretty well for having 20" wheels and a lower overall (close to the ground) design. It shifts well but will probably upgrade the derailleur in the near future.

    There are some changes that I noticed from the bike on the website. First, if you look at the frame in the pics, it doesn't have braze-one for a rear rack or for rear disc brakes. The bike I received has the rear rack braze-ons and disc brake tabs. Oddly the fork does not have disc tabs so if I go that route in the future I'll have to replace the fork. Second, the LED display is different from the website as it is an updated version. (I've read the updated version comes with a rear rack, fenders and updated LED so it's nice that I can upgrade and still be under $1000 for a nice commuter).

    At any rate, currently I'm pleased with my purchase as it fulfills most of what I want in a folding ebike. I was just surprised (pleasantly) at what I got versus what I expected.

    I'm going to commute on it tomorrow and will give a review on it.

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