Display Replacement


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It depends on the make & model of your bike. On my Pedego, it's fairly easy. The wire wrap needs to be removed until the connector is accessible. Then it's just a matter of unplugging the old display, removing it from the handlebar and connecting & remounting the new one.

rich c

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My humor was based on the total lack of information about the ebike. Are you replacing it with a factory part, looking at generic Chinese display, what bike and display is it?, etc...... Some companies have a proprietary protocol language between the controller and the display, so you can't mix and match.


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I get it. Not yet and hopefully not ever. The problem is some time on the display there appears to be a burn mark in the upper left corner. I'm wondering, could this be the beginning of a display on its way out?, and if so how difficult would it be to replace. The bike is Aventon Pace 500.


Seems to to me it should not be difficult. Many of the diy kits come with multiple choices for the display.