Display Upgrade Shred

Does anyone know if you can use one of the better bafang color displays with the Shred? I see there is one that has 9 levels of assist and a color display.

Is it possible to swap this one with the one on the Shred and have it plug into the existing connection without any rewiring?

Posted this last summer when I got my shred.

Since then I have tried two different color displays that work well and am waiting for a third smaller one. See thread on Shred programming for details on the displays


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I have a display fetish and have a boxful of them. My favourite Bafang display is the DP C18, I just order a 500C which I think you're using.
The C965 has the most information including temp and watts.
Hey Feliz,

You are correct, the first display I ordered was the "old DP C18 that only has 5 levels of assist available. I then ordered the "NEW" version of the 850C and its a nice display with 9 levels of assist. The 500C came in and I took the 850 off. I like the smaller display off to the side. One of the extras will go on my wifes rook and I will give the other one to my brother for his shred. That being said, the factory shred display, while its not color is still the best built and robust compared to the rest of the displays.


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It's mind boggling the number of displays Bafang produce. I was reading a post by Karl who puts out Electricbikereport today and he said the best Bafang display is the C963 so of course I had to pick one up. They're expensive and hard to get I hope it's worth it. I have a few eBikes and it's at the point now where I'll only buy a bike with a Bafang drive so I can use my supply of displays. I'm picking up a Shred next week so it's good to here the display is reasonable.

I live in Vernon BC but there's so many Cakgarians here I feel like I'm in Alberta. I worked for Calgary Power about 60 years ago.
Hi Feliz,
I think they are one and the same. The ebay add listed it as the 850C Color Display "New Model" with USB Charing Port.

I really like the power meter on these displays. Its nice to see how much support you are getting from the motor.
. I have a few eBikes and it's at the point now where I'll only buy a bike with a Bafang drive so I can use my supply of displays. I'm picking up a Shred next week so it's good to here the display is reasonable..
What have you got for other ebikes Feliz? Are you getting a 2018 or 2019 Shred


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Well, I can't find out anything about the 2019 Shreds so I may just settle for a 2018. I have an Elby 9 speed, Haibike Sduro Trekking 9, Pedego Interceptor, Biktrix Juggernaut Classic BBSHD, Juiced CCS, and two conventional bikes. I would like a Shred but they don't have the 14ah batteries anywhere so I may settle or a Voltbike Yukon. My wife is going to Mexico for a month ( goes every year with a group of friends ) and a new bike is my vacation. Do you have anything else? If you come over this way we'll have to take a ride on our new rail trail.
Felix, that's a nice fleet.
I have a giant Road Pro E1. In shop getting DI2 on it. Looked at the Haibike before I got it but wanted the Yamaha motor.

The 2019 Shreds should be coming out soon. I looked at the Voltbike before I got the Shred but the were less than responsive by email. We have a bike shop in Calgary that carried the rook and colt. Went to get one each for me and the wife and I changed my mind on mine and got the shred instead.

I did the rails to trails between Cranbrook and Kimberly last year and really enjoyed it. How long is yours.


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It runs from Vernon to Kelowna but they're extending both ends. It runs along Kalamalka Lake, it's really beautiful. Riders from all over the world.
The Pedego dealer is right in the middle and on the lake he lets me leave my Interceptor there all year, I ride every day when it's nice out.

Forgot to mention I have another bike coming, bought and paid for months ago just waiting for their batteries to arrive. it's an eProdigy Magic Pro who are a Vancouver based company. The bike was bought and paid
for months ago but they have no batteries so I'm waiting for them to arrive on the slow boat. I got them to make the bike different than what they usually do, I'm having them put an Alfine 8 speed with a Gates carbon belt on it. The bike comes with a strong mid drive so I'm excited to get it. They're a very conservative company and had never even built a bike with a colour display so I talked them into doing that. It's not a Bafang display but one made by KT which make most of the controllers Bafang doesn't make. Sorry to bore you.
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